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Improvisational Talent Releases CD

On his 2003 CD, Recuerdos, improvisational flamenco-jazz guitarist Kader Fahem surrounds himself with musicians with various musical backgrounds, that all lend their worldly approaches to the mix of primarily instrumental tracks with a few vocal songs. The ten infectious compositions are a great showcase for Fahem's virtuosity and love of the flamenco idiom. His golden fingers deftly apply dazzling flourishes to swift, precisely picked passages, and he never loses his sense of flowing melodicism. The Fahem Quintet has picked up quite a bit of press in Europe, and one listen to Recuerdos will confirm that he is indeed a captivating, 25-year-old player with a bright future ahead of him.

alb Fahem started learning guitar at the age of seven, at first studying the traditional music of his Kabyle origins. He later began a long apprenticeship with his older brother Kemji, who taught him flamenco, and Fahem created his own amateur Gypsy flamenco band at the age of twelve. In his teenage years, he began to discover on his own the different hidden sides of "flamenco puro" - the roots - and dedicated himself to study the soul and strength of this deep music. Inspired by players such as Paco de Lucia and Vicente Amigo, Fahem got familiar with the compas until he mastered them and finally created his own sound. He later traveled to Andalusia, to immerse himself in the history and culture, as well as to meet and play with other flamenco amateurs.

At age 25 today, Fahem is now a composer and performer in a flamenco-jazz style that stems from a cultural crossbreeding, influenced by his own life, childhood, travels and origins.

Contact Information
Zyryab Productions
30 Rue de Paris
54440 Herserange

E-mail: Fahem
Web site: www.kaderfahem.com

Roland Nipp

Melodic Rock Instrumentals

By Night is Canadian guitarist Roland Nipp's all instrumental sophomore release ("The Blue Room" was recorded in 1999), and features nine tracks rooted in rock and blues, with haunting, timeless melodies. This is stuff that stands up to dozens of listens - a virtual soundtrack for a late nightlife. Compositions such as "Days Between" and the title track would be perfect for movies as they relay musical drama soaked in moody magic. Jazz influences also sneak in now and again (Nipp cites influences such as Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett in that regard). By Night was written, performed and produced by Nipp in his home studio based in Richmond, British Columbia, and serves as a great example of what one can come up with, given the time, patience and a passion to deliver a memorable work that will stand the test of time.

pic Born in Prince George and raised in the Greater Vancouver area, Roland began playing guitar at the age of thirteen and started playing professionally at eighteen. He played in many Top 40 and original music acts throughout the '80s, and his love of music writing and recording lead to the creation of his home studio, Blue Room Studios, in 1996. In 1999, Roland released his first CD, "The Blue Room". The self-produced album contains eleven instrumental compositions and has been played on Rock 101's Sunday Blues show, 92.9 KISM and CBC Radio 3. In addition to the guitar, Roland also plays bass, piano and harmonica. He sites as musical influences artists such as Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Tommy Emmanuel, Robben Ford, David Gilmour, Simon Jarrett, Mark Knopfler, Alex Lifeson, Brian May, Joe Satriani, Edward Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a few.

Nipp is an experienced guitar teacher who has written two instructional manuals and recorded accompanying instructional CDs. He taught guitar for the Vancouver School Board from 1992 to 1994 and from 1999 to 2002.

Contact Information
Roland Nipp
6980 Miller Road
Richmond, B.C. V7B 1L3

E-mail: Roland Nipp
Web site: www.rolandnipp.com

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