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Greg Rapaport

Progressive/Metal, Jazz/Fusion Instrumentals

Hailing from Crompond, New York is guitarist Greg Rapaport, who submitted his CD-R entitled Wyrd. All instrumental (except for sampled spoken word sound bytes) the compositions mix and meld prog-metal, jazz, rock and funk. Rapaport has no problems taking jazzy chord progressions and soloing over them with ferocious, no-holds-barred metal/shred licks. Truly a one-man band (Rapaport handles all the instrumentation, production and engineering - did we mention artwork and design), the material could benefit from a live drummer, as you might expect with aggressive material (the rhythm work sounds pretty good though, for the most part). Overall, the material leaves no doubt you are listening to a more-than-proficient guitarist with some great ideas - you'd just like to hear him with Bobby Rock or Mike Terrana, that's all. Highlights include "11th Portal" and "Trust", with a creativity award going to "Mahdah" for its stylistic blend.

alb A seasoned player of 25 years, Greg has grown into a competent songwriter and soloist. His influences include Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe and Jimmy Page. Also influential in Greg's development is his work in area bands. Teaching part time has also helped widen his scope musically while providing many new and different musical perspectives. Since investing in a in-house project studio, he has completed three solo albums, "Waiting For Darker Skies" (a combination vocal and instrumental project), while his latest two are both instrumentals.

In the future, Rapaport plans to continue to .develop as a songwriter and musician through instruction and constant practice. He would like to record and release many interesting and musically diverse projects in the future.

Contact Information
Greg Rapaport
P.O. Box 293
Crompond, NY 10517
United States

E-mail: Greg Rapaport
Web site: www.gregrapaport.com

Halo Storm Project

Jackhammer Picking, Dive Bombs Away!

The Halo Storm Project's four song demo CD-R is billed as "a guitar player's CD", and features plenty of guitars to back it up. Three of the four cuts are instrumental ("Blood" features a vocal in the middle), and offer plenty of jackhammer picking in the solo sections, along with a good bit of dive bombing on the "Halo Storm" track. The material is metal based and because there were no artist credits, we'll assume it's a one man production, with guitarist Demi Barbito handling guitars, bass and drum programming. He counts among his influences Randy Rhoads, Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Uli Jon Roth and you'll hear bits of the music here and there that remind you of those artists. Production-wise, the sound could be upgraded somewhat by the use of a cabinet simulator, or by miking the amp to avoid the buzzy sound you sometimes get with a guitar processor direct to the board. The CD-R was produced using the Deck II recording software on a Mac G4 computer, so is truly a product of the times.

pic Halo Storm Project came about after years of playing, touring and recording in various progressive, metal and hardcore bands throughout the 90's. The various bands experienced different levels of recognition. Some of the bands included Red Star, Killing Machine and F.N. Jakstefen. A few years back Demi stopped playing in bands and started recording himself, and now he has gone digital. The past several years have been spent recording and developing his digital skills. As Demi points out though, "One thing has stayed the same... playing the guitar is still playing the guitar. Using a computer to record into does not help you play."

Currently there is a new project in the works for the Halo Storm Project. Barbito just got a BC Rich Beast guitar, and has been recording new material for the next CD.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 1071
Paso Robles, CA 93447
United States

E-mail: Halo Storm Project
Web site: www.demibarbito.com

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