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The Undiscovered for June, 2000
488 img Stone - Blues Rock Band Poised To Explode
488 img Djam Karet - Fifteen Years Of Progressive Rock Fusion
356 img Edge City Collective - Guitar-Based Improvisational Pieces Kick-Off Trilogy
356 img Chaz DePaolo - High Energy, Blues/Rock Guitar
743 img Chris Manning - Music Creating An Uplifting Ambience
743 img Shawn Harding - Meaningful Progressive Rock
976 img Aghora - New Progressive Band Forges Original Sound
976 img Tomi Tuomi - Finnish Shredder Pours Out Emotion
363 img Paul Nelson - Veteran Guitarist Goes Instrumental
363 img Geoffe Hein - Broadening His Horizons With Solo Release
676 img Travis Steele Nevels - Aggressive, Unorthodox Fingerstyle Wins Fans
676 img Radek Chwieralski - Polish Shredder Continues Development


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