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Francesco Fareri

Speed Rules!

Mind Boggling is the understated title of Italian guitarist Francesco Fareri's demo CD-R, a three song instrumental affair with an additional intro and outro soundscapes. All three tracks were recorded not to show off Fareri's neoclassical compositions, but to establish one simple fact--Fareri can play at mind boggling, head numbing speed, especially swept licks which seem to dominate the music (at times, it seems almost every passage and run features sweep picking). We're talking Michael Angelo picking speed here, and some of the passages are so fast it doesn't even sound like a guitar is producing the sound. (Is that a good thing? Let the public decide.) When Fareri slows down for a brief moment, it seems to create a sonic vacuum, and it would appear he is much more comfortable, confident and capable playing at hyperspeed than playing quarter or eighth notes. Did we mention he can play fast?

alb Francesco's guitaristic experience has developed through learning a number of virtuosic techniques along with intense live performance activity in nightclubs around Rome. His influences and inspirational mentors include Jason Becker, Vitalij Kuprij, George Bellas and Yngwie Malmsteen. Francesco has done musical interviews for television (the program "Ottava Nota") and radio ("Radio Espansione"). Francesco has recorded two demos previous to Mind Boggling, "Hurricane" and "Labyrinth", the latter which is available in an Italian specialty shop called Millerecords.

Fareri hopes to collaborate with a record label at some point in the future.

Contact Information
Francesco Fareri
via Sartorio No. 13
Rome 00147

Adam Ross

Instrumental Rock Addict Eyes Studio Career

California based guitarist Adam Ross recently submitted a six song demo CD-R featuring blistering, neoclassical influenced, original material and two cover tunes--"You Really Got Me", a wah-wah soaked shredfest that covers ground the Kinks and Van Halen didn't consider, and "Suzie Q", another wah workout over a heavy rhythm bed. Ross' originals reflect his study with Joe Stump, with their take-no-prisoners approach, and interestingly, represent the first time Ross has recorded himself. The lead guitar absoutely screams on all six cuts, however the rhythm guitar and drum parts stand to benefit greatly from the additional production experience he will certainly gain if he keeps recording (we'd love to hear James Murphy produce Ross to fatten up those rhythm tracks). No doubt here--Ross is an excellent guitarist with a great ear for what makes an interesting instrumental composition. If nothing else, the solo sections from "In Your Dreams" and "Blastoff" should make anyone stand up, shut up and take notice.

pic Only nineteen years old, Adam has been playing guitar for seven years. Satriani's "Surfing With The Alien" was the major reason for his addiction to instrumental rock, and he began to practice constantly while listening to Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai and Jason Becker. Adam has taught summers at the National Guitar Workshop alongside guitarists such as Terry Syrek. He also was awarded a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music, where he studied with Joe Stump, and traveled to Pennsylvania some weekends to study with Greg Howe. Adam is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California, in the studio guitar program, studying with Steve Trovato.

Ross has recently joined a rock group in L.A. He would like to see his instrumental compositions used for video games and plans to record a solo album within a year or two. Ross eventually hopes to be a studio guitarist in L.A.

Contact Information
Adam Ross
109 East Charlotte Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45215
United States

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