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Pat Baxter

New CD Offers Eclectic Blend Of Rock And Blues

Waitin' For The Train is the new CD from Ontario, Canada guitarist Pat Baxter, an EP-length, eight song mix of vocal and instrumental numbers mostly delivered in a rock quartet (bass, guitar, drums, keys) format. While the production style is a little uneven at times (the guitar solo on the title track is mixed way too low for example), Baxter is able to work in plenty of his stylistic guitar techniques throughout the CD. He modulates from 4/4 time to 7/8 and 9/8 in "The Chillipepper", providing an inspired rhythmic base for blues and wailing rock leads. Baxter really gets to flaunt his stuff in a trio format on the hyper-boogie "Hot Parts" and the 'down and dirty', start-to-finish soloing of "Rat Pack", which also features a lengthy keyboard solo by Curtis Brunet. The talkbox solos in the vocal number "Rattlesnake Sneakers" are also a nice touch. Waitin' For The Train is a fine first recorded effort from a dedicated guitarist.

Since then he has been involved in recording sessions from Toronto, Canada to Los Angeles, California. In 1990 he graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood, California. Pat is also the author of "Rockin' The Modes," an instructional guitar book on modes and scales, and he currently writes the monthly column "Guitar Soloing And Improvisation".

Since the completion of Waitin' For The Train, Baxter has been working with vocal coach Brian Vollmer (singer in Helix) and he is certain his next recording will include a little more vocals.

Contact Information
Pat Baxter
RR #2
Langton, Ontario NOE 1G0

Glenn Rottmann

Conquering The World Of Melodic Instrumental Guitar

Taking his musical cues and influence from Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, L.A.-based musician Glenn Rottmann pours heart and soul into an all instrumental CD of hard driving rock, The Living Guitar, a virtual blueprint for melodic guitar. Rottmann has the relatively rare knack for creating songs which grab your attention immediately with hooks and great production (Brian Levi provided production assistance as well as engineering, mixing and mastering). In addition to picking up sound and texture ideas from Rush recordings, Rottmann credits Steve Hackett with pointing the way towards bending notes to make them sing and scream (excellent examples can be found on "Bad Language" and "She's The One", among others). Mixing '70s progressive rock influences with a polished '90s mix describes The Living Guitar perfectly--highly recommended.

Glenn, who relocated to California from New Jersey in the 1980s, spent a number of years giging with various bands at clubs like The Whiskey, FM Station and Gazarrie's. When he finally hooked up with producer Brian Levi, the collaboration between the two resulted in a solid recording--both pleasantly varied and sonically cohesive. Glenn has always considered music part of his life, beginning with drums before shifting to guitar after being stirred by the music of Rush, Genesis and Yes. In high school, Glenn played in several bands and on studio projects and organized battle-of-the-band competitions. Glenn initially shyed away from an instrumental career, but eventually realized his strengths in composition and talent on guitar were leading him in that direction.

Given the positive response to The Living Guitar, it shouldn't be long before Glenn is the hot ticket on the concert scene and beyond.

Contact Information
The Living Guitar
P.O. Box 1454
Burbank, CA 91507-1457
United States

Web site: www.livingguitar.com

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