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Jerome Robinson

Instrumentals Highlighting The Low End

Thinking Out Loud is a bass-fest from the opening track to the last cut, fifty minutes later. The thirteen instrumental tracks comprising Jerome Robinson's CD-R album are filled with his "lead bass" technique and compositional style. The CD-R was culled from a cassette release, and due to the 4-track source material, the result is definitely low-fi, making it harder to appreciate Robinson's ability. But he comes across anyway as an original, offering lightly orchestrated, (bass, drum sampler, some keyboards) improvisational gambits that spotlight the bass techniques used, such as pinch harmonics, chordal playing and more. Robinson's intent was to re-record the songs in the studio, but he ultimately preferred the vibe of the original tracks.

alb Starting on the bass guitar after high school, Jerome looked to guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai and David Gilmour for influences in composition and technique. Jerome also learned keyboards and basic drums, but focused on the bass as his primary instrument. After a gospel group he was playing in lost their guitarist, Jerome picked up the slack with his bass, playing many more fills and using his bass in a lead role while continuing to hold down the groove. Improvising into a 4-track recorder led to the tracks on Thinking Out Loud, many melodies and leads invented on the spot as the tape was rolling.

Robinson is currently performing material from Thinking Out Loud live to backing tracks. His future plans include putting a band together (bass, drums, sax) and working on material for his next album -- musical direction unknown -- the way Robinson likes it!

Contact Information
Thunder Communications, Inc.
Attn: Jerome Robinson
P.O. Box 2727
Dunnellon, FL 34430
United States

Danny Joe Carter

Striving For The Big Time

Las Vegas guitarist Danny Joe Carter submitted a demo CD-R containing three songs designed to display his six string technique. Using a sparse drum machine backing and some basic metal/hard rock grooves, Carter emphasized the lead and solo aspects of his highly-developed, knuckle-busting chops. Elements of Paul Gilbert's and George Lynch's styles can be heard throughout the tracks, which include "Y2K", "Roundup" and "Panzer". Carter would be helped by finding a great writing and recording partner, as his ideas are solid and he can obviously handle any guitaristic challenges that might come his way.

pic Starting on air guitar at age three using a Hot Wheels racing track, Danny Joe waited ten more years to pick up his first real axe. His early influences included Ace Frehley, Ted Nugent and Joe Perry, followed by Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen. Danny Joe taught himself to play guitar, taking the old school approach -- 10-12 hours a day of slow and precise playing, making every note count and feeling everything he played. He now has over 20 years of guitar playing under his belt.

Carter's main goal at this time is to get his music to as many people as he can, particularly in Europe and Japan. He would like to pick up some endorsements and then audition for some major bands. Carter's final aim is to be signed to a major label.

Contact Information
Danny Joe Carter
3001 Lake East Drive, #1204
Las Vegas, NV 89117
United States

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