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Slav Simanic

Melodic Songwriting Meets Intense Guitar Riffs

Slav Simanic, a talented guitarist and composer from Toronto, Canada, has recently released Water Of Life, a mostly instrumental CD which advances a powerful Christian message through its occasional use of spoken word quotes taken from the Bible. The music on Water Of Life is intense, aggressive hard rock/metal and displays both rich arrangements and a dedication to the sound of overdriven guitar riffs played with precision and dynamics. Simanic is a fierce guitar player, and his debut recording proves that high-intensity shred can be delivered with taste, melody and a passion for musical quality. It's even tough to pick favorite tracks from Water Of Life, since each piece offers something new - in short, a great CD from start to finish.

Born in Smederevo, Yugoslavia, Slav started to play guitar at the age of 12, receiving classical training while in school. In the early '90s, he started an instrumental rock band called "Bride" - the band played clubs, guitar festivals and received radio airplay. Slav then relocated to Canada in 1994 and began teaching guitar at the New Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and he operates his own teaching and recording business, Bride Music Studio. Slav has several goals for his original music: to celebrate the Lord, to spread positive Christian messages and to encourage young musicians to abstain from drug use.

Simanic is constantly exploring new styles and techniques to improve his playing and to share his discoveries with his students. His future plans are to upgrade his recording studio, continue to write and record his music, and collaborate with other musicians.

Contact Information
Latter Rain Records
P.O. Box 75017
20 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 3T3

Don Lappin

Progressive Instrumental Guitarist Releases EP-CD

Don Lappin, a guitarist based in Massachusetts, has just released Fine Lines, a four-song instrumental recording of progressive rock featuring Lappin handling guitar, keyboards and drum programming, and Joe Santerre (Jon Finn Group) on bass. The tracks on Fine Lines average about 5:30, so each piece is given ample time to develop and allows the Lappin to stretch out and show his abilities, both as a guitarist and a composer. Lappin's delivery and technique on the guitar are nothing short of excellent; you'll finish listening to the CD and be desperate for more - as it should be. Fans of progressive music will enjoy Fine Lines tremendously - let's all hope Lappin keeps these recordings coming.

A guitarist since age 7, Don began playing professionally at age 11 with an original rock group located in northeastern Ohio. After four semesters at the Berklee College Of Music in 1990, Don left for Minnesota to teach, later to return to Boston to finish his studies, and obtain a Bachelor's degree in performance. Don has been featured in Guitar Player magazine, Guitar For The Practicing Musician magazine and has appeared on CNN news. Don also took grand prize from among 1000 entries in the 1993 guitar competition sponsored by Guitar For The Practicing Musician magazine. He also won several awards at Berklee, including the William Leavitt Memorial Scholarship and the Stephen D. Holland Award.

In addition to his own teaching practice, Lappin has also been a faculty member at Berklee since 1994 and now teaches full time during the summer programs. Currently, Lappin is forming his own group ("The Don Lappin Group") and he plans to start gigging and promoting Fine Lines within a few months.

Contact Information
Don Lappin Jr.
211 Lantern Rd., Apt. #1
Revere, MA 02151
United States

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