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album cover
Vinnie Moore

"Time Odyssey"

The Story
"Time Odyssey" was Vinnie Moore's 1988 follow up to "Mind's Eye" and was released on the Squawk label (a division of PolyGram Records), which also released the amazing "Maximum Security" by Tony MacAlpine. This release ontinues the neo-classical metal backdrop of his first album, while keeping shred guitar fans happy with cuts like "Prelude/Into The Future" and "Race With Destiny". Moore pays homage to the Beatles and George Harrison on "Time Odyssey" with a wang bar enhanced version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". The piece "April Sky" is classically influenced as Moore takes notes and inspiration from Bach's "Air On A G String" and "Piano Concerto No. 5 (Second Movement). Keyboard player Jorden Rudes also contributes in the songwriting department on "Prelude", "Into The Future" and "Message In A Dream".

The Music
03:22 Morning Star Instrumental
04:23 Prelude/Into The Future Instrumental
05:30 Beyond The Door Instrumental
09:02 Message In A Dream Instrumental
06:42 As Time Slips By Instrumental
06:38 Race With Destiny Instrumental
04:40 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Instrumental
08:48 The Tempest Instrumental
06:13 Pieces Of A Picture Instrumental
05:15 April Sky Instrumental

The Artists
Vinnie Moore  -  Guitar, Production, Album Concept
Joe Franco  -  Drums
Jordan Rudess  -  Keyboards
Michael Bean  -  Bass
Joe Alexander  -  Engineering
Brooke Hendricks  -  Engineering Assistance
Bob Ludwig  -  Mastering
Nick Jainschigg  -  Cover Illustration
Larry DiMarzio  -  Photography
Diane Matthews  -  Styling

Recorded in February, 1988 at Kajem/Victory Studios, Gladwyne, PA.

Mastered at Masterdisk.

Art direction by Reiner Design Consultants, Inc.

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