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Frank Gambale

"Thunder From Down Under"

The Story
"Thunder From Down Under" was Frank Gambale's first album recorded with a major label. Gambale features some noted invited guests such as keyboard giant Chick Corea, drummer Vinnie Coliauta, drummer Greg Bissonette, legendary studio bassist Abe Laboriel and others. The CD, while not all instrumental (three vocal numbers, and a few 'voice as instrument' treatments), includes some incredible guitar performances on tracks such as "Leave Ozone Alone", the insistant "Humid Beings" and "Samba Di Somewhere", a confident piece featuring Corea on Rhodes piano. A few of the pieces display a Brazilian influence, such as "The Land Of Nowhere" and "Obrigado Fukuoka". Vocal tracks aside, an important fusion piece.

The Music
05:19 Humid Beings Instrumental
04:35 Faster Than An Arrow Vocal
05:54 Samba Di Somewhere Instrumental
04:54 Kuranda Instrumental
04:11 Obsessed For Life Vocal
05:56 Leave Ozone Alone Instrumental
05:03 The Land Of Wonder Instrumental
04:58 Obrigado Fukuoka Instrumental
05:38 Robo-Roo Instrumental
05:13 Forgotten But Not Gone Instrumental
04:48 Mamojambo Instrumental
01:27 One Not Two Vocal

The Artists
Frank Gambale  -  Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals, Electronic Percussion, Synthesizers, Arrangements, Production, Mixing
Kei Akagi  -  Synthesizer Solo
Steve Kershisnik  -  Bass
Gregg Bissonette  -  Drums
Steve Tavaglione  -  Saxes, E.W.I. Melody and Solo, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Luis Conte  -  Percussion
Freddie Ravel  -  Keyboards
Chick Corea  -  Rhodes Piano on "Samba Di Somewhere"
Tim Landers  -  Bass
Joe Heredia  -  Drums
Tom Brechtlein  -  Drums
Gary Grant  -  Flugelhorn
Abe Laboriel  -  Bass
Vinnie Coliauta  -  Drums
Akira Taguchi  -  Executive Production
Takashi Misu  -  Executive Production
Ron Moss  -  Executive Production
Robert M. Biles  -  Engineering, Mixing
Wally Traugott  -  Mastering
A.G. Nakahira  -  Production Coordination
Peter Grant  -  Design
David Dees  -  Cover Illustration
Rick Kroninger  -  Photography

Recorded at Studio Sound, North Hollywood, Silverlake Sound, Los Angeles; Mad Hatter Studio, Los Angeles in November, 1989.

Mastered at Capitol Studios, Hollywood.

Photography by Ibanez.

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