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Frank Gambale

"Thinking Out Loud"

The Story
"Thinking Out Loud" was Australian guitarist Frank Gambale's last JVC release, and this CD features him playing mostly a hollow body jazz guitar. Hearing Gambale playing clean with every note clear as a bell is a real treat. George Benson heard this album and went to see him perform during his tour in Sydney. George raved about the show and pronounced Gambale as the Master of Sweeping. Classic tunes such as "Magritte", "No-Neck Louie" and "The Avengers Suite" offer some of his best writing ever - and you even get distorted electric guitar on the tune "My Little Viper" much to our delight. Features Dave Weckl, Alphonso Johnson, Brian Auger and others.

The Music
06:47 Magritte Instrumental
04:43 Bondi Beach Instrumental
05:10 No-Neck Louie Instrumental
05:48 Gaudi Instrumental
04:51 Felicidad Instrumental
05:56 Dali Instrumental
06:10 Infinity Instrumental
04:25 A Lover's Night Instrumental
09:26 The Avenger's Suite (Parts 1and 2) Instrumental
06:33 My Little Viper Instrumental

The Artists
Frank Gambale  -  Guitar, Production, Mixing
Otmaro Ruiz  -  Keyboards
David Goldblatt  -  Keyboards
Brian Auger  -  Hammond B3
Alphonso Johnson  -  Bass, Acoustic Bass
Tim Landers  -  Bass
Dave Weckl  -  Drums
Walfredo Reyes  -  Percussion
Robert M. Biles  -  Engineering, Mixing
Akira Taguchi  -  Executive Production
Matt Stephens  -  Engineering Assistance
Tony Flores  -  Engineering Assistance
Alan Yoshida  -  Mastering
Lori Stoll  -  Photography
Mann Kameda  -  Studio Photography
Nancy Larsen  -  Wardrode Stylist

Recorded at Milagro Sound Recorders, Glendale, CA, May 1995.

Mastered at A&M Mastering Studios, Hollywood, CA.

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