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John Paul Jones

"The Thunderthief"

The Story
Reviewer Robert Silverstein, "Assisted by Terl Bryant (drums), Nick Beggs (Chapman stick), Adam Bomb (guitar) and King Crimson's own Robert Fripp (guitar), John Paul Jones returns with a new album that rivals his solo debut "Zooma". "The Thunderthief" is a mostly instrumental set that finds the Led Zeppelin legend turning in a solid performance on 4-, 6-, 10- and 12-string basses, bass steel guitar, acoustic / electric guitars, electric mandolin, vocals and a range of sundry acoustic and electric instruments. Guitar great Jimmy Page often took credit for much of Zeppelin's success, but Jones was the man behind the scenes adding in the full spectrum of colors that made them so huge. That edge is easily discernible on "The Thunderthief". Although mostly instrumental, Jones does unite with lyricist Peter Blegvad on a couple vocal tracks.Zeppelin fans are advised to hunt down "The Thunderthief"."

The Music
05:11 Leafy Meadows Instrumental
05:58 The Thunderthief Vocal
07:00 Hoediddle Instrumental
04:35 Ice Fishing At Night Vocal
04:50 Daphne Instrumental
05:56 Angry Angry Vocal
04:20 Down To The River To Pray Instrumental
05:59 Shibuya Bop Instrumental
02:40 Freedom Song Vocal

The Artists
John Paul Jones  -  4-, 6-, 10- and 12-String Basses, Bass Steel Guitar, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Electric Mandolin, Bass Mandolin, Tripleneck Mandolin, Electric Mandola, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Kyma, Koto, Autoharp, Ukelele, Arrangements, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Terl Bryant  -  Drums, Percussion, Tofaran
Nick Beggs  -  Chapman Stick on "Shibuya Bop" and "Leafy Meadows"
Adam Bomb  -  Guitar Solo on "Angry Angry"
Robert Fripp  -  Guitar Solo on "Leafy Meadows"
Tim Young  -  Mastering
Peter Blegvad  -  Artwork
Akio Morishima  -  Design
Mo Jones  -  Executive Production

Recorded and mixed at The Malthouse, London, UK.

Mastered at Metropolis.

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