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Greg Koch

"The Grip!"

The Story
"The Grip!" is a collection of songs from guitarist Greg Koch's five previous independent releases plus three new tracks added from this prolific songwriter/ musician's cachet of twisted tunes. "The Grip!" fuses rock, blues, jazz, and country into one incredible package sure to make new believers and diehard fans of music lovers everywhere. Favored Nations president and noted guitarist Steve Vai states, "Greg Koch is one of those rare guitarists that can blend various styles with a light hearted approach and a tremendous amount of technique. Hearing him play is inspiring to a guitar player to try to achieve greatness on the instrument," while Guitar One chips in with "Koch can't lose with his over-the-top chops, feel for melody, crisp tone, unpredictability, and, above all, unpretentious sense of fun."

The Music
03:22 Zoiks Instrumental
02:56 Spank It Instrumental
03:42 Holy Grail Instrumental
03:33 Carlos Dale Instrumental
04:22 Spanish Castle Magic (Live) Instrumental
07:08 Chief's Blues Instrumental
02:47 Draw My Number Instrumental
03:35 Defenestrator Instrumental
05:12 Alberts Back Instrumental
04:40 Tonus Diabolicus Instrumental
04:48 Walking Wounded Instrumental
04:04 Steppin' Out Instrumental
04:23 Big Jim Instrumental
04:25 Absinthe Instrumental
02:59 Dylan The Villain Instrumental
04:11 Blind Lemon Pledge Instrumental
03:20 The Grip Instrumental

The Artists
Greg Koch  -  Guitar, Dobro, Baritone, Production, Compilation Assembly
Kevin Allen  -  Bass (#5, 12, 15)
John Calarco  -  Drums
Steve Cohen  -  Harmonica (#8)
Tom "Damn" Good  -  Bass
Gary Koehler  -  Drums (#2, 5, 10, 12, 15)
Kevin Mushel  -  Bass (#2, 10)
Ric Probst  -  Engineering
Steve Kultgen  -  Engineering
Dave Neitzke  -  Production, Engineering
Steve Vai  -  Compilation Assembly
Bill Cummiskey  -  Compilation Assembly
Neil Citron  -  Mastering
Peter Amft  -  Photography
John Samora  -  Photography
Ken Blaustein  -  Art Direction
Sarah Koch  -  Design

Recorded at the Record Plant, Milwaukee, WI `99-`01; The Irish Cultural and Heritage Center, Milwaukee, WI, July 8, 9, 10, 1998; "Live" at The Backstage in Oconomowoc, WI June 28, 1997; and the T.O.P. Studio, West Allis, WI `94, `92 and `86.

Mastered at The Mothership, Hollywood, CA.

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