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"The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell"

The Story
"We want more shred, we want more shred. we want more shred..." Well, perhaps some of the Buckethead faithful were muttering that mantra to themselves after last week's brilliantly soulful Buckethead release "Population Override". Enter "The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell", an equally brilliant (albeit in a totally different way), all instrumental (great!) slab of shredded heaviosity, some might say, Buckethead's heaviest ever. One of the contributing factors has to be the pounding drums of Brain - this guy is a demon on the skins. Like Buckethead's "Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse" you've got gobs of metallically heavy rhythm guitars framing bizarre and creative soundscapes, and a smorgasboard of ultra-fast riffing and mach speed soloing that will slake the thirst of the most discriminating shred head. Now there is truly Buckethead for all.

The Music
03:06 Descent Of The Damned Instrumental
02:17 Spokes For The Wheel Of Torment Instrumental
02:32 Arc Of The Pendulum Instrumental
03:22 Fountains Of The Forgotten Instrumental
03:40 The Treeman Instrumental
02:35 Pylegathon Instrumental
03:18 Traveling Morgue Instrumental
03:27 One Tooth Of The Time Train Instrumental
03:15 Bedlam's Bluff Instrumental
02:52 Beaten With Sledges Instrumental
03:28 Woods Of Suicides Instrumental
03:37 Yellowed Hide Instrumental
03:13 Moths To Flame Instrumental
03:11 The Ravines Of Falsehood Instrumental
02:12 The Black Forest Instrumental
03:19 Haven Of Black Tar Pitch Instrumental
02:52 The Escape Wheel Instrumental

The Artists
Buckethead  -  Guitar, Taxidermy, Embalming, Clock Repair
Brain  -  Drums
Dan Monti  -  Programming, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Robert Hadley  -  Mastering
Bryan Theiss  -  Art
P-Sticks  -  Art

Mastered at The Mastering Lab.

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