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Joe Satriani

"Surfing With The Alien"

The Story
"Surfing With The Alien" rocketed Joe Satriani to the top of the instrumental guitar heap in the mid-80s, as he proved equally capable of fast flights of blinding technique as well as sweet, lyrical passages. Recorded with equal parts drum programming and real drums (courtesy of Jeff Campitelli), Satriani served up his guitar and bass on a silver platter. Witness the twisted, horizon-pushing "Ice 9," the fiery solo flights on "Surfing with the Alien," the straight-ahead, slamming rhythms of "Crushing Day," and the soulful beauty of "Always with Me, Always with You". "Surfing With The Alien" remains a true instrumental guitar classic.

The Music
04:20 Surfing With The Alien Instrumental
04:08 Ice 9 Instrumental
05:16 Crushing Day Instrumental
03:20 Always With Me, Always With You Instrumental
03:10 Satch Boogie Instrumental
01:46 Hill Of The Skull Instrumental
03:27 Circles Instrumental
04:46 Lords Of Karma Instrumental
01:42 Midnight Instrumental
05:38 Echo Instrumental

The Artists
Joe Satriani  -  Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Drum Programming, Arrangements, Production
Bongo Bob Smith  -  Drum Programming, Sound Design, Percussion
Jeff Campitelli  -  Drums, Percussion
John Cuniberti  -  Percussion, Production, Engineering
Jeff Kreeger  -  Pre-Production Programming, Sound Design
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
David Bett  -  Art Direction
Jim Kozlowski  -  Cover Concept

All songs written and arranged by Joe Satriani.

Recorded and mixed at Alpha and Omega Recording and Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA.

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