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Paul Gilbert/Jimi Kidd

"Raw Blues Power"

The Story
Guitarist Paul Gilbert has sold over three million records in the United States stemming from his brilliant work with Racer X, Mr. Big and as a solo artist. On "Raw Blues Power", Gilbert showcases his diversity of playing and writing in conjunction with Chicago blues legend (and Gilbert's uncle) Jimi Kidd. Long known as one of the top shredders in the business, Gilbert returns to his blues rock roots in this dual guitar showdown revealing two formidable guitarists bearing their chops over classic rock/blues jammers. Recall the days of 70's blues rockers Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Johnny Winter and ZZ Top and you won't be disappointed with this blues rock free for all.

The Music
03:46 Girls Watching Vocal
03:41 A 180 Vocal
03:00 Pacific Coast Highway Vocal
06:29 Good Foot Vocal
03:50 12 Days Of The Blues Vocal
03:54 Freedom Vocal
03:30 Stranded Vocal
02:50 Play Guitar Vocal
03:09 Sookie Sookie Vocal
09:27 Blues Power Vocal

The Artists
Paul Gilbert  -  Guitar, Vocals, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Jimi Kidd  -  Guitar, Vocals
Mike Szuter  -  Bass
Johnny Fedevich  -  Drums
Steve Hall  -  Mastering
James Chiang  -  Photography
Kate Gilbert  -  Additional Photography, Cruise Director
Harry Freemantle  -  Art Direction

Recorded at Batgirl Studio in Las Vegas on July 8-11, 2001.

Mastered at Futuredisc Systems.

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