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Project Z

"Project Z"

The Story
"Project Z" is Jimmy Herring, Ricky Keller and Jeff Sipe, a musical force manifested from years of mutual admiration, love of music and the power of Z. "Project Z" is a mysterious, sonic field with no set boundaries or rules. Rawness, elegance, inside jokes, suffering and intensity create a powerful soundscape for their eponymous debut for Terminus Records. This is the dream of three masters who take the listener on a divine, instrumental journey through time. The open-ended opportunity for musical free-reign was a welcome endeavor for two former members of the Aquarium Rescue Unit (ARU,) drummer Jeff Sipe (aka Apt. Q258) and guitarist Jimmy Herring, who teamed up with famed producer/bassist Ricky Keller and monster organ/keyboardist Oliver Wells for "Project Z"'s self-titled debut.

The Music
04:00 Raging Torrent Instrumental
00:24 Guitargument I Instrumental
06:24 Mud Bug Instrumental
00:16 Extra Cold Instrumental
04:24 Augusta's Ankle Instrumental
00:18 Psychic Flutter Instrumental
05:23 Rainbow Instrumental
02:47 Albright Special Instrumental
00:09 Guitargument II Instrumental
00:18 The Thrid Man Instrumental
01:55 Genetic Drift Instrumental
07:21 Yachtz Instrumental
00:34 Guitargument III Instrumental
04:29 Utensil Oceans Instrumental
00:31 She Freak Instrumental
00:40 Jean Instrumental
06:54 Separated Gestures Instrumental
07:25 Isolated Light Instrumental

The Artists
Jimmy Herring  -  Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Production
Ricky Keller  -  Bass, Disease Piano, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Digital Editing
Jeff Sipe  -  Drums, Percussion, Underwater Devices, Production
Rev. Oliver Wells  -  Organ, Piano, Synthesizer
Derek Trucks  -  Slide Guitar
Count M`Butu  -  Congas
Col. Bruce Hampton  -  Z Phone
Jeff Bransford  -  Executive Z
Alex Lowe  -  Engineering, Digital Editing
Benjamin Price  -  Engineering Assistance
Russ Fowler  -  Mixing
Randy Kling  -  Mastering
Chad Kling  -  Digital Sequencing

Recorded and mixed at Southern Living At Its Finest, Atlanta, GA.

Mastered at Disc Mastering, Nashville, TN.

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