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Tony MacAlpine


The Story
"Premonition" is an instrumental offering comprised of aggressive rock and fusion compositions, featuring bassist Tony Franklin and drummer Deen Castronovo. The CD features a few short piano pieces that seem to crop up on most MacAlpine releases, but the main focus is on the heavy guitar instrumentals. Macalpine's speed and fluidity on his axe of choice is impressive once again and session drummer Deen Castronovo is excellent throughout. "The Violin Song", with its heavy metal approach, and "Inflection", delving into a fusiony feel, feature former Malmsteen sidekick Jens Johnansson and stretch the musicality even further. On "Premonition", Macalpine definitely gives his shredder fans an album they'll appreciate, and it finds the guitarist returning to a style that brought him a large following in the early years of the Shrapnel label..

The Music
00:48 Opus 28 #18 Instrumental
06:00 The Violin Song Instrumental
04:29 Ghost Of Versailles Instrumental
04:15 Tower Of London Instrumental
07:14 Rusalka Instrumental
01:22 Rondeau Partita #2 Instrumental
03:36 Gila Monster Instrumental
05:21 The Czar Instrumental
04:29 Maestro Di Cappella Instrumental
05:13 Inflection Instrumental
00:53 Opus 28 #3 Instrumental
05:05 Animation Instrumental
04:37 Winter In Osaka Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  Guitar, Keyboards, Production
Tony Franklin  -  Bass
Deen Castronovo  -  Drums
Jens Johansson  -  Keyboards on "The Violin Song" and "Inflection"
Mike Varney  -  Executive Production
Steve Fontano  -  Engineering
Mooka Rennick  -  Overdub Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Shawn Morris  -  Additional Engineering
Joe Marquez  -  Additional Engineering
Arjan MacNamara  -  Engineering Assistance, Mastering
Randal Cohen  -  Legal Representation
Joseph Minkes  -  Business Management
Ross Pelton  -  Photography
Annie Calef  -  Art Direction, Graphic Design

Recorded and mixed at Prarie Sun Studios.

Mastered at Prarie Sun Studios.

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