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Derek Sherinian

"Planet X"

The Story
Fuse Magazine reviewer David Dorkin gushes about "Planet X", Derek Sherinian's first solo CD after Dream Theater, ""Planet X" is one of the most ambitious and powerful progressive CDs to come out in 1999. The musicians are all extremely able: Sherinian on keys, Brett Garsed on guitar, the rhythmically amazing Virgil Donati on drums, and veteran bassist Tony Franklin. All but one of the tunes were written by Donati and Sherinian. Sherinian's keyboard sounds fill out the arrangements in style while rhythmic surprises abound (especially in the majestic opening suite, "Atlantis"). There is even an over the top shuffle in the tradition of Cobham's "Quadrant 4," along with enough tight unison passages to please any fan of this genre. Recommended." Reviewer Eric Aaron added, "A slightly warped powerhouse of an instrumental album that, like Jeff Beck or Joe Satriani records, shreds from time to time but doesn't degenerate into a pure technical showcase."

The Music
06:59 Atlantis: Apocalypse 1470 B.C. Instrumental
04:18 Atlantis: Sea Of Antiquity Instrumental
05:38 Atlantis: Lost Island Instrumental
04:07 Crab Nebulae Instrumental
05:05 Box Instrumental
04:26 Money Shot Instrumental
04:58 Day In The Sun Instrumental
02:48 State Of Delirium Instrumental
03:47 Space Martini Instrumental
05:39 Brunei Babylon Instrumental

The Artists
Brett Garsed  -  Guitar
Derek Sherinian  -  Keyboards, Production
Tony Franklin  -  Bass
Virgil Donati  -  Drums
Tom Fletcher  -  Production, Engineering, Mixing

Recorded at The Leopard Room, Hollywood Hills, CA.

Mixed at Jake`s Place, Studio City, CA.

Cover design and artwork by James Miceli Design.

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