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Steve Vai

"Passion And Warfare"

The Story
"Passion And Warfare" is a total guitar album from top to bottom, in which Steve Vai creates brilliant instrumentals of every kind. This 1990 release is so good, it's impossible to pick a highlight -- just listen to the whole CD, start to finish. "Passion And Warfare" contains brilliant compositions, astonishingly deep guitar playing and even examples of Vai's sense of humor. Critics have called this record, "...arguably the richest and best hard rock guitar-virtuoso album of it's time." You be the judge.

The Music
02:02 Liberty Instrumental
04:13 Erotic Nightmares Instrumental
03:55 The Animal Instrumental
02:41 Answers Instrumental
06:22 The Riddle Vocal
01:45 Ballerina Instrumental
06:02 For The Love Of God Instrumental
05:30 The Audience Is Listening Vocal
03:40 I Would Love To Instrumental
04:44 Blue Powder Instrumental
02:57 Greasy Kids Stuff Vocal
01:10 Alien Water Kiss Instrumental
04:07 Sisters Instrumental
03:35 Love Secrets Instrumental

The Artists
Steve Vai  -  Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Arrangement, Production, Engineering, Art Direction
Chris Frazier  -  Drums
Stuart Hamm  -  Bass
Dave Rosenthal  -  Keyboards
Pia Vai  -  Keyboards on One Chord, Vocals, Production (Not Really)
Tris Imboden  -  Drums
Jamie Firlotte  -  Boy Vocals
Nancy Fagan  -  Vocals, Hysteria
Bob Harris  -  Keyboards, Vocals
David Coverdale  -  Vocals
Pascal Fillet  -  Engineering, Vocals
Laurel Fishman  -  Vocals
Lillian Vai  -  Vocals
Pam Vai  -  Vocals
Joel Kaith  -  Vocals
Corky Tanassy  -  Vocals
Jamie Kornberg  -  Vocals
Lauren Kornberg  -  Vocals
Rudy Sarzo  -  Vocals
Adrian Vandenberg  -  Vocals
Corrine Larue  -  Vocals
Darla Albright  -  Vocals
Darla Gross  -  Vocals
Rupert Henry  -  Vocals
Suzanna Harris  -  Vocals
Julian Angel  -  Vocals
Bill Reim  -  Art Direction
Dave Bett  -  Art Direction
Jim Hagopian  -  Photography
Aaron Brown  -  Artwork
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering

Written, arranged and produced by Steve Vai.

Recorded at the Mothership.

Additonal vocals by Farmin` and The Honorable Reverand Something.

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