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Frank Gambale


The Story
"Passages" is regarded by many fans and critics as Frank Gambale's best overall album. Strong songs and strong performances are turned in by the entire all-star lineup, which includes Otmaro Ruiz, the sensational keyboardist from Caracas, Venezuela, who is a perfect match for Gambale. The rhythm section is the firepower of Alphonso Johnson (bass), and Walfredo Reyes Jr. (drum ). "Passages" is a classic album with classic songs like the title track, "Little Charmer", "6.8 Shaker", and Gambale's instrumental cover of the Cream song "White Room". A great first album for the instrumental fan new to the music of Gambale.

The Music
05:37 Little Charmer Instrumental
05:51 6.8 Shaker Instrumental
06:21 Passages Instrumental
04:04 White Room Instrumental
04:03 D-Day Instrumental
05:19 Nunzio's Near Instrumental
05:06 Free Spirit Instrumental
09:13 One With Everything Instrumental
05:10 Roxana Instrumental
05:56 Uluru Vocal
08:12 Another Alternative Instrumental

The Artists
Frank Gambale  -  Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Voice, Production, Arrangements, Mixing
Otmaro Ruiz  -  Synthesizers, Hammond B-3
Alphonso Johnson  -  Fretted and Fretless Bass
Walfredo Reyes  -  Drums, Percussion
Brandon Fields  -  Saxes on "Roxana" and "Another Alternative"
Robert Biles  -  Engineering, Mixing
Akira Taguchi  -  Executive Produc tion
Alan Yoshida  -  Mastering
Sam Gay  -  Creative Direction
Peter Grant  -  Art Direction
Beth Herzhaft  -  Photography

Recorded and mixed at Milagro Studios, Glendale, CA.

Mastered at A&M Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

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