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Mysterious Voyages

"A Tribute To Weather Report"

The Story
Mysterious Voyages, "A Tribute To Weather Report", is a double CD compilation featuring tracks by various modern artists either creating their own dynamic arrangements of Weather Report compositions or producing original sonic paintings based on Weather Report consciousness. Weather Report was one of the most spectacular modern music groups in any genre in of the late 20th century. The band utilized complex arrangements along with virtuoso solos and pioneered usage of world music rhythms and electronic synthesizers. Their music defied categorization and description, and was a harbinger of the coming global music revolution. Guitarists featured include Hiram Bullock, Scott Henderson, Michael Landau, Franz Holtmann, John McLean, Tony Carmona, Carlos Velasco, Richard Schumacher, Rocco Zifarelli, Jon Herington, Antonio Forcione, Torsten De Winkel, David Fiuczynski, Alex Gunia, Mark Oliver Klenk, and Chuck Underwood, along with an expected roster of brilliant keyboardists, bassists and percussionists.

The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
04:37 Scott Kinsey "Big Rock" Vocal
04:58 Marcus Miller "Teen Town" Instrumental
04:13 Borstlap/Honing "Memory Of Enchantment" Instrumental
07:59 Trinity "Weather Is Changing" Instrumental
05:25 Michael Wolff "Pinocchio" Instrumental
04:45 Tribal Tech "You May Remember Me" Instrumental
07:41 John McLean "Three Views Of A Secret" Instrumental
09:09 Kal Eckhardt "Queen Of Cups" Instrumental
07:18 Angel Celado "Corner Pocket" Instrumental
08:29 Richard S. & Vibe Tribe "Travels" Instrumental
06:10 Rachel Z "On The Milky Way Express" Instrumental
04:51 Emancipation "Gary Willis" Instrumental
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
06:18 White House "Bombay" Instrumental
05:19 Gewett/Jacob "A Remark You Made" Instrumental
07:36 Rocco Zifarelli "Havona" Instrumental
05:54 Jim Beard "Fever" Instrumental
05:38 Acoustic Mania "Birdland" Instrumental
06:01 Torsten De Winkel "Scarlet Woman" Instrumental
07:32 Karizma "Palladium" Instrumental
08:02 Tony Grey "White Woods" Instrumental
09:15 Alex Gunia "American Tango" Instrumental
04:36 Slop Shop "Overlook Hotel" Instrumental
07:30 Mantra "Mysterious Traveller" Instrumental
04:18 Clive Stevens "Beat 17" Instrumental

The Artists
Hiram Bullock  -  Guitar
Franz Holtmann  -  Guitars, Soundstretching, Production
Scott Henderson  -  Guitar, Production
John McLean  -  Guitar, Production
Tony Carmona  -  Guitar
Carlos Velasco  -  Guitar
Richard Schumacher  -  Guitar, Production
Rocco Zifarelli  -  Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer
Jon Herington  -  Guitar
Antonio Forcione  -  Nylon String Guitar, Production
Torsten De Winkel  -  Guitars, Electric Sitar, Additional Programming, Production
Michael Landau  -  Guitar, Production
David Fiuczynski  -  Guitar
Alex Gunia  -  Guitar, Production
Mark Oliver Klenk  -  Guitar
Chuck Underwood  -  Guitar, Loops, Production
Steve Tavaglione  -  Electric Guitar, Alto Flute Solo, Bass Clarinet, Sampled Recorder, EWI
Neil Stacey  -  Guitar Synthesizer, Production
Scott Kinsey  -  Keyboards, MicroKorg Vocoder, Electric Organ, Samples, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Additional Programming
Armand Sabal-Lecco  -  Electric Bass
Brad Dutz  -  Congas, Percussion
Kirk Covington  -  Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks, Drums
Cyril Atef  -  Vocalizations, Handclaps
Karim Ziad  -  Vocalizations, Handclaps
Mamady Keita  -  Sampled Vocals
Marcus Miller  -  Bass, Bass Clarinet, Production
Philippe Saisse  -  Keyboards
Steve Ferrone  -  Main Beat (High Hat, Sidestick, Bass Drum)
Omar Hakim  -  Fill Drums (Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals)
Don Alias  -  Congas
Paulinho Da Costa  -  Percussion
Andy Narell  -  Steel Drums
Michiel Borstlap  -  Korg M1, Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes
Yuri Honing  -  Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Matthias Krauss  -  Keyboards, Sounds, Programming, Production, Mixing
Gudze  -  Bass, Editing
Marco Minnemann  -  Drums, Percussion
Holger Czukay  -  English Horn
Aydin Esen  -  Keyboards
Michael Wolff  -  Piano, Production
Sean Rickman  -  Drums
Christian McBride  -  Bass
Tony Williams  -  Drums
Gary Willis  -  Bass, Fretless Bass, Keyboards, Production
Larry Kohut  -  Acoustic Bass
Karl Moutzka  -  Piano, Hammond B-3
Jim Gailloretto  -  Sax
Adam Nussbaum  -  Drums
Kai Eckhardt  -  Bass
Andrej Olejniczak  -  Tenor Sax
Alfredo Mahiques  -  Trombone
Nando De La Casa  -  Piano, Keyboards, Production
Laurent Vernerey  -  Bass
Angel Celada  -  Drums, Production
Bill Evans  -  Soprano Sax
Bob Malach  -  Tenor Sax
Patrice Rushen  -  Synthesizers
Terri Lynn Carrington  -  Drums
Munyungo Jackson  -  Percussion, Percussion Arrangements
Roy Galloway  -  Backing Vocals
Orin Waters  -  Backing Vocals
Rachel Z  -  Piano, Production
Miriam Sullivan  -  Bass
Allison Miller  -  Drums
Dennis Chambers  -  Drums
Boudewijn Lucas  -  Bass, Shekere, Loop Programming
Joost Lijbaart  -  Drums
Bart Fermie  -  Percussion, Voice
Terje Gewett  -  Acoustic Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Production
Christian Jacob  -  Piano
Matthew Garrison  -  Bass
Paco Sery  -  Drums
Jim Beard  -  Keyboards, Additional Drum Programming, Production
Arto Tuncboyaciyan  -  Percussion
Zach Danziger  -  Drum Programming
Gene Lake  -  Drums
Janek Gwizdala  -  Electric Bass, Programming, Production
Audun Waage  -  Trumpet
David Garfield  -  Keyboards, Production
Neil Stubenhaus  -  Bass, Production
Tony Grey  -  Bass, Production
Romain Collin  -  Keyboards
Walter Smith III  -  Sax
Kenwood Dennard  -  Drums
Andre Cayres  -  Double Bass
Michael Klaukien  -  Drums
J. Peter Schwalm  -  Synths, Vocoder, Sonics, Production
Heiko Himmighoffen  -  Percussion
Jon Ozment  -  Organ, Electric Piano, Synth, Production
Mark Merella  -  Drums, Percussion, Production
Clive Stevens  -  Keyboards, Sax, WX7 MIDI Wind Controller, Production
Lincoln Goines  -  Bass
Frank Colon  -  Percussion
Steve Gaboury  -  Sound Design, Production
Michael Friedman  -  Production
Vinnie Colaiuta  -  Drums, Production
Ulrich Vormehr  -  Compilation, Compilation Production, Liner Notes
Gerhard Koch  -  Weather Report Photography
Andreas Hoflich  -  Coordination
Michael Potrafke  -  Artwork
Dan Gellert  -  Mixing
Biagio Pagano  -  Production
Agostino Carella  -  Associate Production
John Ugarte  -  Engineering
Peter Williams  -  Engineering
Ken Christianson  -  Engineering
T.J. Helmerich  -  Engineering
Paul Pouwer  -  Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Kai Fricke  -  Engineering
Bill Schnee  -  Mixing
Clive Stevens  -  Liner Notes

Studios used: B & C Studios (New York, NY), Wilibrord Audio Productions (Holland), The Crib, Everybody`s Laptops, Waltz Audio, Track House (Los Angeles, California), Tommy Tedesco Studio at Musician`s Institute (Hollywood, CA), Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, CA), Digital Biko Studios (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain), AtM-Studio (Cologne), Fey-Tontechnik (Frankfurt), Studio Schwalm (Barcelona), Red Door Studios (Kensington, MD), Timelock Studio (Cologne), Principal Studios (Otmarsbecholt), Startrack Studio (London), The Town House (London), Avatar Studios (New York, NY), Chicago Recording Company, Studio 5 (Chicago, IL), Live Wire Recording Studio (N.Y.C.), The Cookie Factory (Oslo, Norway), Millesuoni Studio (Rome, Italy).

"Palladium" recorded live on tour at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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