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We're Celebrating Our 18th Anniversary

Five Guest Columnists, Six New Interviews Featured In June

June-July 2014

letterelcome to the June edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. June of 1996 marked our entry into cyberspace, and after eighteen great years, Guitar Nine has become well known for providing a wide variety of free instructional material, news and information. To celebrate, five guest columnists have submitted excellect articles on a range of musical topics of interest to independent musicians. Also, please enjoy sampling some great music released by over 1000 musicians we've worked with over the past 18 years! Of note, over 190 musicians (including many of the recording artists selling their music online) have written guest columns for this site since 1997.

Be sure to visit the Guitar Nine iTunes download page, which features over 1000 instrumental guitarists, guitar-oriented guitarists and guitar-heavy bands selling downloads through Apple's iTunes site.

Last edition's survey results are in! We asked site visitors to share how they currently record their own guitar playing. Over a third of respondents don't record at all, but the remainder use a variety of digital tools to record themselves - no one reported recording analog. We've got a new, very simple, anonymous survey that you can answer in about five seconds to let us know which guitar magazine (or guitar magazine web site) your read the most.

This edition's guest columnists are writing about arpeggios, conquering fears and becoming a master musician, all delivered directly to your web browser. We've got six fresh columns altogether - all written by by returning columnists.

Mike Campese will further bolster your technique with his second column in his series "Technical Exercises, Part 2". Tom Hess is back with another double shot of columnar expresso with "How To Make It In Music By Eliminating Your Risk" followed by the B-side of "The Four Worst Fears Of Guitar Players". Guitarist Tommaso Zillio cuts to the chase with "The Only Exercise You Will Need To Learn The Fretboard". Independent music consultant Chris Knab urges you to "Be A Master Musician". Finally, guitarist Jean-Pierre Zammit also returns with his article "Arpeggio Shapes: Major 7".

The April update includes new interviews with Australian guitarist Marty Rice and Puerto Rican guitar player Ivan Rivera.

This edition we're shining the spotlight on four more of the most outstanding artists from the eleven years of the Undiscovered series profiles - it's called The Rediscovered. Think of it as the best of the best of The Undiscovered artists - another chance to check in with guitar oriented musicians and bands you may have missed the first time around.

The June update includes six new interviews: guitarist Chris Surma, Colorado-based guitar player Mitch Chmara, Warsaw-based guitarist Rob Ward, Australian guitar player Dejan Toracki, and two Finnish axemen: Roo Chapus and Jartse Tuominen.

Guitar NineGuitar Nine is an online guitar e-zine site located in Raleigh, North Carolina. From 1997 through early 2012, we operated a full-blown e-commerce site and record label selling instrumental and guitar-oriented CDs. Our final CD was the compilation "Handz Of Danz", fourteen tracks of hard rock, fusion, metal and blues from six guitarists named Dan. Our first CD, 'Guitar Haus', was released in 1997 by guitarist-composer Dan McAvinchey. McAvinchey also has written the "The Power To Release" columns for our on-line magazine.

Guitar Nine is dedicated to the idea that the guitar is probably one of the most expressive instruments ever invented, and with the use of effects and recording techniques, has an unlimited sonic palette. As much as we admit that there are only twelve notes, and all twelve have been played at sometime or another on a guitar, we firmly believe that the surface has only been scratched in terms of the creative uses for guitar and of the sounds that have yet to be discovered. We want to make sure that the quest for new uses for the guitar continues, and is celebrated and encouraged. This on-line magazine is our way of spreading the wealth of creative ideas around the globe and of keeping the guitar as an essential instrument in recordings well into the next century.

We believe there is so much you can do with your guitar playing besides learning riffs however. There are numerous sites on the internet that offer guitar lessons, techniques, licks, etc., but you may wish to explore the possibility of using your abilities on the guitar as a springboard into other areas. You may have a desire to write music, record songs, build a studio, or even release your own album. We hope that this web site will, over time, inspire you to set greater goals for yourself than you may have ever thought possible.

We would appreciate hearing from you via e-mail if you have any comments or ideas on how to make this web site even better.

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