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Allan Holdsworth

"Metal Fatigue"

The Story
"Metal Fatigue" was Allan Holdsworth's truly first-class, 1985 release. An innovative guitarist and composer, Holdsworth put together what many to be his most powerful compilation of imaginative writing, containing haunting chordal melodies and daring improvisations. While the album is mostly instrumental, three of the cuts feature vocals by Paul Williams and Paul Korda. One instrumental, "Home", is a soothing ballad exploring unpredictable harmonies and progressions played with a beautiful, inimitable guitar sound. The over fourteen minute instrumental opus "The Un-Merry-Go-Round" contains several movements and themes that induce a profound impact as it relates an emotional story underlined by heart-piercing improvisations over heart-pounding changes. "Metal Fatigue" clearly establishes Holdsworth's mark of genius and is a landmark release by a guitarist who has devoted a lifetime's worth to his musical craft.

The Music
04:54 Metal Fatigue Vocal
05:29 Home Instrumental
05:33 Devil Take The Hindmost Instrumental
03:31 Panic Station Vocal
14:06 The Un-Merry-Go-Round Instrumental
03:49 In The Mystery Vocal

The Artists
Allan Holdsworth  -  Guitar, Production, Engineering
Jimmy Johnson  -  Bass Guitar
Chad Wackerman  -  Drums
Paul Williams  -  Vocals
Alan Pasqua  -  Keyboards
Gary Willis  -  Bass Guitar
Gary Husband  -  Drums
Mac Hine  -  Drums
Paul Korda  -  Vocals
Robert Feist  -  Engineering
Dan Humann  -  Engineering
Dennis McKay  -  Engineering
Biff Vincent  -  Engineering
Gary Wagner  -  Engineering
Francois Bardol  -  Cover Art
Robin D`Arcy  -  Photography
Henry Marquez  -  Design

Recorded at Music Grinder, Mad Hatter and Front Page.

Mixed at Music Grinder and Mad Hatter.

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