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Tony MacAlpine

"Master Of Paradise"

The Story
With "Master Of Paradise", Tony MacAlpine heightens his status in the fraternity of musicians. MacAlpine debuts as a lead vocalist on this album, as he continues to stretch most accepted contemporary musical boundaries. All the well-known MacAlpine ingredients are present, the blinding arpeggios, the neo-classical compositions, and the trademark dynamic rhythms. As he has been doing for over 15 years, Tony MacAlpine continues to push the musical envelope. "Master Of Paradise" even includes one of MacAlpine's trademarks, the piano solo piece -- this time Franz Liszt's "Au Bord D'une Source". (Note: The CD has an overall lower sound level than most CDs - it is not a defect, they are all that way.)

The Music
05:24 Tears Of Darkness Vocal
06:45 Live To Die Vocal
04:14 Circus Vocal
05:02 Still Vocal
05:14 Time Vocal
06:13 Master Of Paradise Vocal
04:57 Imagination Vocal
03:46 Maker Is King Vocal
04:27 Final Hour Vocal
03:18 Au Bord D'une Source Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  All Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Production, Additional Engineering
Atma Anur  -  Drums
Larry Dennison  -  Bass
Brian Levi  -  Engineering, Mixing
Albert Law  -  Editing, Mastering
William Hames  -  Photography
Dave Stephens  -  Graphic Design, Cover Illustration

Recorded and mixed in the Spring of 1999 at Clear Lake Audio.

Additional recordings at Allen Street Studios.

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