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Tony MacAlpine


The Story
"Madness" unleashes eleven new tunes that feature aggressive rock and fusion compositions highlighting guitarist Tony MacAlpine's incredible technique and melodic flair. The eleven tracks on the CD feature more fusion/metal work than the neo-classical approach found on MacAlpine's 1980s releases. A total break from tradition is "Albert's Fat Sister", a jazz piece feauring a cameo by Branford Marsalis. The balance of the disc however is furious leads and MacAlpine's strong melodicism. "Madness" is a musical testimony!

The Music
03:31 Naked Nancy Instrumental
04:47 Peruvian Power Layback Instrumental
03:17 Albert's Fat Sister Instrumental
05:07 Restaurant At The End Of The Universe Instrumental
04:50 Realm Of The Flying Monkeys Instrumental
02:10 Prelude #8 Opus 28 Instrumental
03:28 Confrontation With The Electric Bees Instrumental
03:55 Dr. Garlic Breath Instrumental
04:34 Houses In Motion Instrumental
02:45 Muffin Bandits Instrumental
05:25 Rats With Wings Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  Guitars, Keyboards, Production
Larry Dennison  -  Bass, Production
Glen Sobel  -  Drums, Production
Branford Marsalis  -  Sax on "Albert`s Fat Sister"
Matt Finders  -  Trombone on "Albert`s Fat Sister"
Lee Thornburg  -  Trumpet on "Albert`s Fat Sister"
Gina Demos  -  Lead Guitar on "Restaurant At The End Of The Universe"
Brian Levi  -  Engineering, Production
Colin Mitchell  -  Engineering Assistance
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Rich Siegle  -  Art Direction, Design
Gary Mankus  -  Photography
Peter Figan  -  Photography
Ross Pelton  -  Band Photography

Recorded and mixed at Clear Lake Audio, North Hollywood, CA.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman`s, Hollywood, CA.

Direction by Bill Detko Management.

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