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Lords Of Karma

"A Tribute to Vai/Satriani"

The Story
Lords Of Karma: "A Tribute to Vai/Satriani" features past and present members of KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Dokken, Night Ranger, Enuff Z'nuff, TNT and the Smashing Pumpkins paying tribute to the virtuoso guitar stylings of Mr. Steve Vai and Mr. Joe Satriani. The guitar roster includes Bruce Kulick, Jake E. Lee, Neil Zaza, Brad Gillis and George Lynch, among others. Five carefully chosen tracks from each of Satriani's and Vai's compositions are presented, from a cruncher version of Satriani's "Surfing With The Alien" (Lee) to a blistering take on the Vai/Roth/Sheehan/Bissonette recorded "Shy Boy" (Lynch). Lords Of Karma: "A Tribute to Vai/Satriani" is another heady variation on the music that guitar fans can't seem to get enough of.

The Music
05:09 Bruce Kulick "Always With Me, Always With You" Instrumental
04:13 Jake E Lee "Surfing With The Alien" Instrumental
05:47 Crespo/Ragsdale "Echo" Instrumental
05:00 Brad Gillis "Summer Song" Instrumental
04:10 Neil Zaza "Friends" Instrumental
04:23 Enuff Znuff "Yankee Rose" Vocal
03:19 George Lynch "Shy Boy" Vocal
03:36 Richard Kendrick "The Attitude Song" Instrumental
05:21 Tony Janflone Jr. "Tender Surrender" Instrumental
02:22 Corey Craven "Tobacco Road" Vocal

The Artists
Bruce Kulick  -  Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Production, Mixing
Jake E Lee  -  Lead Guitar
Richard Kendrick  -  Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Production, Mixing
Jimmy Crespo  -  Lead Guitar
Brad Gillis  -  Lead Guitar
Neil Zaza  -  Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Production, Mixing
Jon Monaco  -  Lead Guitar
Chip Znuff  -  Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
George Lynch  -  Lead Guitars
Tony Janflone Jr.  -  Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Production, Mixing
Corey Craven  -  Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Production
Stephen Hanuman  -  All Other Instruments on "Always With Me, Always With You", Production, Mixing
Dave Ragsdale  -  Violin, Engineering
Greg Henderson  -  Bass
Tim Bradford  -  Keyboards
Tony McClung  -  Drums
Donnie Vie  -  Lead and Backing Vocals
Ricky Parent  -  Drums
Tony Harnell  -  Lead Vocals
Jason McMaster  -  Lead Vocals
Jason Keller  -  Bass
Rick Dickerson  -  Drums
Pat Patterson  -  Bass
Sean Fitzgibbons  -  Drums
Joe Viers  -  Production, Mixing, Mastering
Jake Brown  -  Production, Mixing, Executive Production, Album Cover Concept
Jim Hawthorne  -  Engineering
Jeff Menke  -  Engineering
Roderick Kohn  -  Engineering
Harry Slash  -  Engineering
Bill Dawson  -  Engineering
Chris Cassetta  -  Production
Jeff Luif  -  Production, Mixing

Tracks 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 recorded and mixed at John Schwabb Studios, Columbus, Ohio and Dick Stagemand Studios, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Guitars for Track 9 recorded at Spirit Wind Studios, guitars for Track 2 recorded in Los Angeles, CA. Lead vocals for Track 2 recorded at Blue Ribbon Studios, New York, NY and Audio House Studio, Austin, Texas. Lead guitar and violin for track 3 recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Track 5 recorded at Falk Audio/Canyon Productions, Louisville, Kentucky and mixed at John Schwabb Studios, Columbus, Ohio.

Track 1 recorded and mixed at Star Trax Studios, Crestwood, IL.

Track 10 recorded and mixed at John Schwabb Studios, Columbus, Ohio.

Track 4 recorded at Key Tone Studios, Washington, PA and mixed at John Schwabb Studios, Columbus, Ohio.

Album mastered at John Schwabb Studios, Columbus, Ohio.

Stems and Seeds: production and mixing on "Yankee Rose".

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