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Planet X

"Live From Oz"

The Story
The metal fusion espoused by Planet X might overwhelm more mainstream listeners, yet the trio has already managed to tour the world in its first two years of existence. The Australian tour lasted two weeks, and Dixie Dregs/Steve Morse bassist, Dave LaRue, handled bass chores. The final show in Melbourne, before several hundred fans, was recorded for the "Live From Oz" album. "When we play together live, we just love it," declares keyboardist Derek Sherinian. "It's the ultimate form of freedom of expression. These guys are very serious players. They're extraordinarily gifted, and they strike fear in my heart everytime we are on stage!" "Live From Oz" features outstanding axe work from Tony MacAlpine, who also is featured in a 4 minute solo display of six-string strength.

The Music
07:46 Ignotus Per Ignotium Instrumental
05:16 Inside Black Instrumental
03:55 Dog Boots Instrumental
06:24 Atlantis: Apocalypse 1470 BC Instrumental
04:20 Atlantis: Sea Of Antiquity Instrumental
06:21 Atlantis: Lost Island Instrumental
02:41 Derek Sherinian Solo Instrumental
04:36 Warfinger Instrumental
04:00 Virgil Donati Solo Instrumental
01:52 Warfinger Reprise Instrumental
04:14 Tony MacAlpine Solo Instrumental
04:40 Her Animal Instrumental
04:20 Europa Instrumental
08:08 Pods Of Trance Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  Guitar, Production
Virgil Donati  -  Drums, Production
Derek Sherinian  -  Keyboards, Production
Dave LaRue  -  Bass
Simon Phillips  -  Mixing
Albert Law  -  Second Engineering
Brad Vance  -  Mastering
Thomas Ewerhard  -  Design
William Hames  -  Band Photography

Recorded at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. Victoria, Australia, June 13, 2001.

Edited and mixed at LeopardRoom and Coy Sound Studios, Hollywood Hills, CA.

Mastered at DNA Mastering.

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