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Liquid Tension Experiment

"Liquid Tension Experiment 2"

The Story
A second experiment takes off from where the first one ended. "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" features spontaneous writing and recording by Mike Portney (drums), Tony Levin (bass), Jason Rudess (keyboards) and John Petrucci (guitar). Again, top-notch musicianship rules the day, as passage after passage will knock you to the floor. Petrucci, Rudess and Levin have dozens of spirited exchanges of absolute high energy soloing, with Petrucci's guitar flurries taking the sonic edge. A progressive powerhouse of a CD.

The Music
06:35 Acid Rain Instrumental
07:40 Biaxident Instrumental
04:01 914 Instrumental
09:50 Another Dimension Instrumental
16:58 When The Water Breaks Instrumental
13:35 Chewbacca Instrumental
10:48 Liquid Dreams Instrumental
04:26 Hourglass Instrumental

The Artists
John Petrucci  -  Guitars, Production
Tony Levin  -  Chapman Stick, Bass, Production
Mike Portnoy  -  Drums, Percussion, Production
Jordan Rudess  -  Keyboards, Production
Kevin Shirley  -  Mixing
Chris Cubeta  -  Engineering
Pat Thrall  -  Engineering
Spyros Poulos  -  Engineering
Kosaku Nakamura  -  Engineering
Rich Alvy  -  Mixing Assistance
Leon Zervos  -  Mastering
Paul La Raia  -  Photography

Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios, Millbrook, New York - October & November 1998.

Mixed at Avatar Studios, New York City - January, 1999.

Mastered at Absolute Audio, NYC.

CD design by 4D Advertising.

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