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Project Z

"Lincoln Memorial"

The Story
Guitarist Jimmy Herring, best known for his work with the Allman Brothers Band, Aquarium Rescue Unit, the Dead and Phil Lesh leads an all-star band to new heights of improvisational glory. Fusing elements of progressive instrumental rock and jazz and JamBand abandon, Project Z's new album, entitled "Lincoln Memorial" is one of the finest electric jazz rock albums of all time. Blue Note recording artist Greg Osby, kinetic bassist Ricky Keller, keyboard whiz Jason Crosby (Robert Walter) and hyperactive drummer Jeff Sipe (Phil Lesh, Susan Tedeschi) turn the music inside out. Be prepared to meet a high power. As reviewer Bill Milkowski writes, "There's humor and humanity in this music, coupled with dazzling virtuosity and a willingness on the part of all the participants to leap off the cliff collectively. As for what to call it? Don't ask. That would require a many-hyphenated term that touches on all the bases they cover here; something like avant-Dixieland-neo-M-Base-harmolodic-post-bop-funk-thrash-noise-fusion. Or better yet, refer to it by just a single letter - Z music."

The Music
04:06 Departure Instrumental
06:22 Miso Soup Instrumental
05:42 Stale Salt Lugs Instrumental
06:36 Freener Frolic Instrumental
08:02 You Do Instrumental
05:06 Sister Barbie Instrumental
05:11 Slaif Instrumental
04:02 Sad Sack Instrumental
05:12 'Ol Bugaboo Instrumental
04:00 Zamb Fear Instrumental
07:19 Microburst Instrumental
05:26 Lincoln Memorial Instrumental
05:19 Arrival Instrumental

The Artists
Jimmy Herring  -  Guitar, Production, Editing
Ricky Keller  -  Bass, Production
Jeff Sipe  -  Drums, Production
Jason Crosby  -  Keyboards, Production
Greg Osby  -  Alto Sax, Production
Jim Zumpano  -  Engineering
Alex Lowe  -  Engineering
Kelly Liebelt  -  Engineering Assistance
Ben Price  -  Editing
Jeff Bakos  -  Mixing
Rodney Mills  -  Mastering
Flournoy Holmes  -  Cover Art, Design, Photography
Souvik Dutta  -  Executive Production

Recorded live at ZAC Studios, Atlanta, GA, March, 2002.

Mixed at Bakos Amp Works, Atlanta, GA.

Mastered at Masterhouse, Duluth, GA.

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