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"Lights... Camera... SQUAD!"

The Story
For the first time ever, Cosmosquad fans are finally treated to a live concert movie of one of the hottest instrumental bands performing today. Recorded on their home turf of Hollywood, California, the band (Jeff Kollman, guitar; Chritopher Maloney, bass; Shane Gaalaas, drums) plays a bone crushing set for the students of the world-renowned Musicians Institute. Filmed in High Definition, "Lights... Camera... SQUAD!" includes songs from Cosmosquad's thre studio CDs as well as Jeff Kollman's solo effort, "Shedding Skin". In addition to several bonus features available on this DVD, a secret online password found on the insert of this DVD package can be used at www.cosmosquad.com to watch a 20-minute interview with the band and 25 minutes of behind the scenes footage from the band's Japan Tour of March 2008.

Special DVD features include: Widescreen Presentation, PCM Stereo, Executive Producer Buddy Jo Kollman, The Many Guitars Of Mr. Kollman, Photo Montage, Online Extras.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Numena", "Fat Mean & Nasty", "The Spy Who Ate Her", "Lubitorium", "Road To Tanzania/Tribal Trance", "Sheer Drama", "My Guitar Gently Screams", "Epapo Funk", "Grossalicious", "Swink" and "INS Conspiracy".

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