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Richie Kotzen

"The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience"

The Story
After recording the "Tilt" CD with fellow jazz/metal guitarist Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen remained in a fusion head space for a while and decided to record a solo CD in the jazz/fusion vein, hence "The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience". To further himself in the fusion style, he called up super bassist Jeff Berlin to play on a few tracks. Drummer Greg Bissonette added his expertise as well, and the combination of these musicians and the songs created a musical bed for what Kotzen calls his most inspired guitar performance to date. What is unusual is the inclusion of the last two tracks, "Tramp", a vocal, blues/rock number and "Last Words" a vocal ballad of sorts. The first seven tracks however, definately fall into the high-tech fusion model and are impressively executed, especially "Dose" and "Stark".

The Music
03:36 Pulse (Part 1) Instrumental
02:43 Pulse (Part 2) Instrumental
05:59 Dose Instrumental
06:10 Hypnotist Instrumental
06:18 Ultramatic Instrumental
05:12 Trick Instrumental
04:21 Stark Instrumental
05:43 Hype Instrumental
07:07 Tramp Vocal
04:22 Last Words * Vocal
    * Acoustic

The Artists
Richie Kotzen  -  Guitars, Bass, Drums (on "Tramp") Wurlitzer Piano, Organ, Vocals, Other Sounds, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Jeff Berlin  -  Bass on "Pulse", "Dose" and "Ultramatic"
Gregg Bissonette  -  Drums
Deanna  -  Additional Backing Vocals on "Tramp"
Jason Arnold  -  Mastering

Recorded and mixed at Richie`s house.

Mastered at Capitol Records/Tower.

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