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June, 1996 [Page:Join! Search]

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Home Studio Registry: A
The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.  more information

You may use your home studio for demos only; you may use your studio for composing and arranging; maybe you are set up for jamming and practicing; or perhaps you have produced a commercial work in your studio. Maybe your musical interest is heavy metal, jazz, blues, jingles, or power pop. The uses of home studios have multiplied with the number of musicians who have found it convenient to have one.

By registering with Guitar Nine, you can share tips, tricks, techniques, equipment ideas, production ideas, and other valuable information with other home studio owners all over the world. Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do. The only personal data you need to share is your e-mail address and your name. All information about your musical tastes and equipment will only serve to help others to discover a musician in similar circumstances - and who may be able to offer encouragement, advice, and support when you need it most.
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Home studio owners are listed alphabetically:

Name Primary Use Secondary Use Guitars Web?
Lorentz How Aarhus Composition Jamming/Fun Variety of Ibanez guitars Yes
Ghazanfar Abbas Composition Recording John Petrucci Signature Music Man BFR, Jackson DKMG Yes
Thomas Acosta Demos Recording Les Paul Ibanez RG270 Yes
Ryan Adkins Jamming/Fun Recording Sx fender Yes
Jamsheed P. Ahmad Composition Demos Ibanez rg-550, Gibson Lespaul Studio, Ibanez jem guitars, Fender strat...  
Ken Ainsworth Recording Composition Taylor 814 CE; 1972 Gibson ES-335; Gurian Jumbo Rosewood; Fender Strat... Yes
Akin Akalin Demos Composition Maison electric, Yamaha Acoustic, Hand made fretless bass, A second ac...  
Mehmet T. Akalin Demos Composition Jackson, Epi, Ibanez, Gibson Yes
Fadi Alameddine Composition Jamming/Fun Cort - Hiram Bullock Signature Cort - A6 bass Human Bass - 5 strings...  
Van Albinto Demos Jamming/Fun Ibanez sa60, squier stratocaster, diamond bass  
Richard Alcoy Demos Demos Electric & acoustic  
Mario Aleman Composition Commercial work 1989 Fender American Standard Stratocaster w/ Seymour Duncan pickups, ... Yes
Gary P. Alexander Demos Commercial work Primarily Martin acoustic and Custom/Modified Fender Strat. Also have ... Yes
Errol Allahverdi Composition Demos None  
Pall Allan Composition Composition Levin very old acoustic -36, Fender precision -63, Rickenbacker 4001-7...  
Nick Allegro Demos Composition BCRich , Fender Telecaster, Ibenez bass, Takamine Acoustic/Elec, Seagu... Yes
Jon Allen Composition Demos Gibson Les Paul, Fender Fretless Five-String Jazz Bass  
Roger Allen Composition Demos Ibanez S Series, Olp 5string Bass (Music Man Knock-off) Fender Acousti...  
Nigel Allistair Demos Composition Aria Pro Semi-Hollow Body Electric, Ovation Acoustic, Yamaha BB3000 Ba...  
Daniel Pico Alvarez Composition Composition Fender Telecaster;Ibanez AE40; Nylon Alhambra 5P Yes
Jelaci Aman Composition Recording Yamaha and Dean acoustics, Peavey Predator, Music Man S.U.B. bass, Dane... Yes
Chris Anderson Recording Composition Esp exclusively...2 esp customs, 1-Horizon and 1-Eclipse for studio, li... Yes
Doug Anderson Composition Demos Carlos 6-string, Yamaha 12-string, a borrowed Stratocaster Yes
Richard Parks Anderson Recording Recording Classical guitar made by sam dunlop  
Lon Anderson Composition Demos Larrivee, Lowden, G&L Yes
patrician andres Recording Practice/Rehearsal Lead guitars and bass  
Brother Andrew Recording Several Yes
John W. Andrews Commercial work Composition Gibson Les Paul Studio & SG Standard, Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster... Yes
Steven Andrews Demos Commercial work None  
Chris `Beastro` Andrews Demos Composition '72 Guild s-100 Polara modified /'02 Gibson Gothic Les Paul a couple o... Yes
Robert C. Anthony Recording Practice/Rehearsal Ibanez RG-120 electric. changed out the floating bridge for a solid on...  
Ari Antila Commercial work Demos 1958 Gibson Les Paul VOS, Schecter Standard Strat Custom Shop, Fender ...  
Jerry Applebaum Demos Jamming/Fun Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone LP Junior Yes
Anthony Aquino Recording Demos Telecaster Les Paul Yamaha  
Robert C. Aragon Demos Composition Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, Del Arte, Heritage, Ibanez, PRS, Hans Hauser, E... Yes
Mark Arbogast Composition Composition Strats, PRS, Ovation, Gibson Yes
James Argo Composition Recording Guitars: Gibson Les Paul James Argo Custom, Fender Vahd the Traveler, ... Yes
Scott Arvine Composition Jamming/Fun Fender strat w/GK2A Yes
Eric Atkinson Practice/Rehearsal Demos Two 1957 reissued Fender Strat's. 1982 Fender P-bass Elite.  
Tim Atkinson Commercial work Composition Ernie ball musicman john petrucci, Ibanez js1000, B.C rich Bich, Alvarz... Yes
David Aucoin Composition Recording Fender strat, Roland GR700 w/GR707, 12 string Martin, 6 string Norman, ny...  
Michael Augustin Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal None  
Chad D. Austin Recording Composition Main: Charvel Predator, 2nd: custom-built DiMarzio, bass- Ibanez TR, a... Yes
Danny P. Aycock Practice/Rehearsal Demos 1995 Strat Plus, 1983 American Standard Strat, 2006 strat deluxe HSS, Ova... Yes
Burt Ayers Jamming/Fun Recording Ovations  

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