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Handz Of Danz "Handz Of Danz": Independent Review

Handz Of Danz
Review of "Handz Of Danz"


@ iTunes
By: Pete Braidis

letter andz Of Danz is actually six guys named Dan who play guitar and play well! The disc features 14 songs by Dan Begelman, Dan McAvinchey, Dan McInerney, Dan Shimmyo, and Daniel Wentworth. Ever hear of them? Me either. But there's much to learn. There's a mix of Fusion, Metal, Blues and other styles from the various guitarists. The best track without a doubt is the opener by Wentworth called "Flyin' Down 94". The song absolutely cooks and is very reminiscent of Joe Satriani. It's as catchy as a Satriani tune and has a great groove. McAvinchey's "Fingerz & Handz" is a rollicking tune with a mix of acoustic and electric playing to great effect. It almost sounds classically inspired. His "River Danz" is very clever and fun, and yes, it sounds like the shit from Riverdance! Begelman's "The Last Night" is an 11-minute epic that is something of a slow burn that keeps building and building. It's very intense and has awesome drumming as well (by who I don't know - nice liner notes Danz!) eventually crashing with a weird ending. Masters' "Texas Wind" is a live track dedicated to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan and has some very tasty blues licks in it. Very nice. Wentworth smokes yet again on the disc with a kick-ass song called "Falling Down", a powerful, amazing track with a melodic feel that serves as the next-to-last track. Not all the songs are good however, and tracks like McInerney's "Cha Chow" is pretty much tepid lounge music. Still, for guitar aficionados this is pretty fun, and some guys like Wentworth and Begelman need to get more exposure - these cats can play! Handz Of Danz you da Manz! (I should be hung for the preceding statement.)
© Pete Braidis / Metal Rules!



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