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Handz Of Danz "Handz Of Danz": Independent Review

Handz Of Danz
Review of "Handz Of Danz"


@ iTunes
By: Carl Roa

letter hat's the deal with guys named Dan? They like to play guitar, that's what! Didn't realize how many great guitar players where named Dan, until I got my ears on the "Handz of Danz" compilation cd from Guitar 9 Records. The Dans are: McAvinchey, Begelman, Shimmyo, Wentworth, Masters, and McInerney. All superior musicians as this cd attests to. Fusion, Hard Rock, Metal and Blues guitars practically scorched this CD right out of my deck! Check out Begelman's Mahavishnu tainted "The Last Night", McAvinchey's throbbing metal-masher "Fingerz & Handz", or Wentworth's satch-soaked "Flyin' Down", for some real pickup-poppin, string-slappin fun! If you need guitar, you need this CD!
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