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Handz Of Danz "Handz Of Danz": Independent Review

Handz Of Danz
Review of "Handz Of Danz"


@ iTunes
By: Howard Hart

letter ost of you are probably familiar with Dan McAvinchey, creator and founder of Guitar 9 Records. Well... Dan got this very cool idea of combining a hot list of guitarists who share his given name, and putting them all on a single CD. The release is called "Hanz Of Danz", and features 14 tracks of burning guitar playing that cha just gotta hear!

The opening track "Flyin' Down 94" is provided by Daniel Wentworth, and offers up some fire-breathing four on the floor in your face guitar ala Satriani. This is a well produced track with a tight production, some fun guitar playing, and a cool kick-off track.

Next up is "Project 7" from Dan Begelman, a grinding shuffle with a nice 'inside/outside' melody and some creamy guitar harmonies. Some of his track 'drop-ins' are very cool - managing to play in and around the tune... He also adds just a few touches of jazz flavoring here and there... very nice.

Dan Shimmyo offers up "Extemporalis" - a 16th note triplet feast, before diving into the main bulk of the song, which has an almost 'instrumental UFO' quality to it. He breaks it up nicely with a brief stint into 7/8 before offering up his main solo.

Our main-man Dan McAvinchey follows with a vicious track called "Fingerz & Handz" - a very tasty slice of instrumental metal that dips and weaves in and out of cool guitar harmonies and a subtle use of dynamics. The song has both a dark, edgy quality to it as well as a rich melodicism.

Danny Masters jumps on board with "Vienna", which has a... well... nice Vienna-type sound and feel to it! Fans of Neo-Classical guitar slingers will certainly love this one. It's well performed and hits the spot right where it counts!

Dan McInerney follows with "Mabton Gateway To Bickelton", a very cool funk meets rock groove thing with some real nice guitar ideas... sort of like Jimmy Page meets Eric Johnson in an original display of musical ideas. An excellent addition to the mix here. This was a stand out track for sure.

There are 8 more selections from the previous mentioned players - and the mix of tunes combined with the excellent guitar work makes for a great listen. If you're a guitar junkie (with no cure in sight), you'll definitely wanna pick up a copy of "Handz Of Danz".

© Howard Hart / HHGI Guitar Online Magazine



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