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Handz Of Danz "Handz Of Danz": Independent Review

Handz Of Danz
Review of "Handz Of Danz"


@ iTunes
By: Michael J. Ryan

letter he concept is simple:

70 minutes of music.

14 songs.

6 guitarists.

1 first name.

Give Guitar 9 Records credit. This is an interesting idea: Put together a compilation of great guitar instrumentals by stylists named Dan. And so, with contributions from Dans Wentworth, Begelman, Shimmyo, McAvinchey, Masters and McInerney, "Handz of Danz" came to be.

Most of these tracks veer toward heavy rock, with an emphasis on flashy soloing. However, listeners also get tastes of blues, heavy metal and fusion.

The first cut, "Flyin' Down 94," by Daniel Wentworth, is a blistering menagerie of hooks and string bending. "Ten Feet Tall," also by Wentworth, is polished and intense. Additionally, Danny Masters' "Texas Wind" is a beautiful (live) tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Dan Shimmyo's "Reflections" brings a rollicking close to "Handz of Danz."

Some of these tracks could have used a trim. When a guitar workout cracks the 10-minute mark, it's likely a little bombastic. The main problem with Handz of Danz, is that lightning-quick solos do not always count as songs. These Dans are extremely talented guitar players. Their songwriting, though, could use a little strengthening.

That's not to imply, though, that guitar fanz won't like this disc.

GRADE: 8 of 10

© Michael J. Ryan / Boston Herald.com



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