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Handz Of Danz "Handz Of Danz": Independent Review

Handz Of Danz
Review of "Handz Of Danz"


@ iTunes
By: Randy Allar

letter andz Of Danz is a disc that is filled with,you guessed it, guyz named Dan. Six to be exact. Actually, Guitar Nine Records is owned by Dan (McAvinchey) who contributes two compositions as well as the record company that pressed the disc. After visiting the Guitar Nine website, one might wonder what else he might have contributed. Perhaps the best way to describe the tracks is by the Dan, but alphabetically.

The first Dan is Begelman, a New York guitarist whose style has been described as jazz/fusion with a ferocious edge. "Six Fingers" is a composition from a 1992 release which is aggressive and powerful. Begelman's other track is the lengthiest on the disc. "The Last Night" begins slow, but explodes wide open with odd rhythms and scorching guitar. Dan Begelman can be found heading a band called Project 7.

Our next contestant is Dan (McAvinchey). Dan's solo release is entitled GUITAR HAUS. "Fingers & Handz" demonstrates the advanced techniques that McAvinchey has been writing about on his website - the link is below. This metal/shred tune mixes acoustic with electric guitars to create an ugly side. Cool tune. "River Danz" is the most eclectic composition. The guitar sounds more like a bagpipe than a guitar, making those of Irish decent proud. Also, add some blazing solos.

Next we have Danny (Masters). Masters combines a neo-classical style with finger tapping to one titled "Vienna". "Texas Wind" has a Robin Trower type of feel that quickly shows it's true melody. The bluesy tones of Stevie Ray Vaughn shine brightest in this fitting tribute.

This brings us to,you guessed it, Dan (McInerney). "Mabton Gateway To Bickelton" mixes soaring leads with a bass vamp to create an interesting composition. "Cha Chaw" is one of the more jazzy tracks on the disc, and competently shows off his talents. Speaking of talents, McInerney was voted best rock album for his disc, MACHINERY, and one track was featured on the compilation for Guitar Player Magazine's 30th Anniversary disc. Congrats!

Next in line is Dan (Shimmyo). Another New York guitarist, Shimmyo brings a rock flavor to the guitar in the composition "Extemporalis" This one turns into a hard rock journey with many different elements. "Sixty Cycle Hum" has the same flavor, but the hard edge of this one is even more adventurous, especially when things speed up. The final track on the disc has Shimmyo starting out with something that sounds like a harp and piano mixture. From there, power chords give way to a shred style guitar. Additional keyboards add to the melody and give the composition a nice break.

The final Dan is actually a Daniel (Wentworth). "Flyin' Down 94" starts out like Blondie, but quickly settles into a more Satriani-ish vibe, heavy on the wah pedal. "Ten Feet Tall" features a screaming guitar and a heavy vamp of power chords and two-handed tapping. Wentworth's final track is a moody piece called "Falling Down." The three songs give the listener a taste of the different styles flying around in Wentworth's fingers.

The Handz Of Danz is a powerful and diverse 14 tracks that amaze as well as rip your face off. You can find more information on The Handz Of Danz as well as each of the individual Danz at www.guitar9.com.

Bottom Line: The diversity is extreme and the playing fast and furious. A great concept for a compilation.

© Randy Allar / Music`s Bottom Line


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