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Page added in September, 2000

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  Handz Of Danz Cover Art Guitar Nine

Bar Code # 39150-19652
MP3 Sound Samples

Various Artists

  • Flyin' Down 94 (Daniel Wentworth)
    Six Fingers (Dan Begelman)
    Extemporalis (Dan Shimmyo)
    Fingerz & Handz (Dan McAvinchey)
    Vienna (Danny Masters)
    Mabton Gateway To Bickelton (Dan McInerney)
    Ten Feet Tall (Daniel Wentworth)
    Sixty Cycle Hum (Dan Shimmyo)
    River Danz (Dan McAvinchey)
    The Last Night (Dan Begelman)
    Cha Chaw (Dan McInerney)
    Texas Wind (Live) (Danny Masters)
    Falling Down (Daniel Wentworth)
    Reflections (Dan Shimmyo)

  • Six Dans. Twelve hands. Forging instrumental guitar mayhem with steel, wood, electronics -- and over one hundred years of playing experience. Handz Of Danz features fourteen tracks ranging from hard rock to fusion, and from metal to a touch of blues - guitarists Wentworth, McAvinchey, Begelman, Shimmyo, Masters and McInerney have delivered music to entertain, excite, amuse and challenge. Prepare yourself for a guitaristic journey of extraordinary magnitude. Johnny may B. Goode, but Danny might be even better.

  • Guitar Nine first compilation CD features six veteran guitarists with ten CDs released between them, and collectively, over one-hundred years of playing experience.
  • Six of the fourteen tracks included on Handz Of Danz have never been previously released on any format. The CD contains over 70 minutes of music.
  • Each of the fourteen songs on Handz Of Danz is a distinct musical entity; what they all have in common is an explosive sonic 'edge' coveted by instrumental rock guitar fans.
  • Available directly via mail order from Guitar Nine, or at the Guitar Nine web site.

  • Worldwide promotion on the Internet through Guitar Nine extensive internet presence (www.guitar9.com)
  • The majority of the songs on Handz Of Danz may be previewed on the Guitar Nine Internet site via streaming sound samples using any MP3 player.
  • Consumer advertising will take place on all levels from guitar fanzines to major national guitar magazines.
  • Direct e-mail to over 5,000 registered fans of the Guitar Nine label and web site.
  • Rock/Hard Rock/Fusion radio shows will be serviced the Handz Of Danz CD over a nine-month time frame.
  • Review publications such as entertainment weeklies, guitar magazines and trades will be forwarded copies of Handz Of Danz.

A Guitar Nine Release - The Future Of Guitar Inspiration

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