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Frank Zappa


The Story
Originally released in 1988, the Grammy-nominated, all-instrumental "Guitar" contains over two hours and ten minutes of influential guitarist Frank Zappa's guitar solos, collected from the 1979 to 1984 tours. The 2-CD set includes, "Do Not Try This At Home", "Chalk Pie" and the classic "It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary". Frank Zappa himself approved the master in 1993 and stated, "For the most part, the solos have been left full length. This album is not recommended for children or Republicans."

The Music
=== DISC 1 === Instrumental
03:43 Sexual Harassment InThe Workplace Instrumental
03:05 Which One Is It? Instrumental
05:08 Republicans Instrumental
03:37 Do Not Pass Go Instrumental
04:52 Chalk Pie Instrumental
02:50 In-A-Gadda-Stravinsky Instrumental
03:17 That's Not Really Reggae Instrumental
04:49 When No One Was No One Instrumental
03:44 Once Again, Without The Net Instrumental
05:28 Outside Now (Original Solo) Instrumental
03:13 Jim & Tammy's Upper Room Instrumental
02:50 Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio? Instrumental
05:02 That Ol' G Minor Thing Again Instrumental
02:44 Hotel Atlanta Incidentals Instrumental
04:24 That's Not Really A Shuffle Instrumental
05:44 Move It Or Park It Instrumental
03:58 Sunrise Redeemer Instrumental
=== DISC 2 === Instrumental
05:16 Variations On Sinister #3 Instrumental
02:12 Orrin Hatch On Skis Instrumental
02:59 But Who Was Fulcanelli? Instrumental
03:25 For Duane Instrumental
04:51 GOA Instrumental
03:14 Winos Do Not March Instrumental
04:24 Swans? What Swans? Instrumental
04:20 Too Ugly For Show Business Instrumental
05:32 Systems Of Edges Instrumental
03:47 Do Not Try This At Home Instrumental
06:58 Things That Look Like Meat Instrumental
04:03 Watermelon In Easter Hay Instrumental
03:35 Canadian Customs Instrumental
04:08 Is That All There Is? Instrumental
04:26 It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James... Instrumental

The Artists
Frank Zappa  -  Guitar, Production, Arrangement, Editing
Ray White  -  Rhythm Guitar
Ike Willis  -  Rhythm Guitar
Steve Vai  -  Stunt Guitar
Denny Valley  -  Slide Guitar
Warren Cuccurullo  -  Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Mars  -  Keyboards, Vocal
Bobby Martin  -  Keyboards, Vocals
Ed Mann  -  Percussion
Scott Thunes  -  Bass
Chad Wackerman  -  Drums
Alan Zavod  -  Keyboards
Peter Wolf  -  Keyboards
Arthur Barrow  -  Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta  -  Drums
Sergio Albonico  -  Photography
Mark Pinske  -  Engineering
Bob Stone  -  Remix Engineering
Klaus Wiedemann  -  Engineering
Jeff Fay  -  Graphics

Recording dates/locations: December 1981, San Diego, California; June, 1982, Munich, West Germany, November 1984, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; June, 1982, London, England; December, 1981, Salt Lake City, Utah;, Novmeber, 1984, Memphis Tennessee; September, 1984, London, England; June, 1982, Cologne, West Germany, November, 1984, Portland, Oregon; February, 1979; Weisbaden, West Germany, June, 1982, Bordeaux, France; November, 1984, San Antonio Texas; June, 1982, Zurich, Switzerland; November, 1984, Atlanta, Georgia; June, 1982, Dijon, France; June, 1982, Frankfurt, West Germany; November, 1984, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; November, 1984, Madison, Wisconsin; November, 1984, Chicago, Illinois; December, 1981, Berkeley, California; July, 1982, Milan, Italy; July, 1984, Jones Beach, New York; November, 1984, Vancouver, British Columbia, June, 1982, Dusseldorf, West Germany, July, 1982, Pistola, Italy.

Remote facilities: Umrk Mobile, Scully at Mix Console.

Remix facilities: Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.

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