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A music track or mix with good bass, sufficient low frequencies and adequate fundamentals relative to harmonics. Opposite of thin. It can also mean pleasantly spacious with good reverberation at low frequencies. Some engineers will talk about a mix having warm highs, meaning sweet highs.


A short name for Wave Files, a Microsoft Windows file format for digital audio data.


A graph of an audio signal's sound pressure or voltage over time. The waveform of a pure tone is a sine wave.


The physical length between corresponding points of successive cycles of a wave. Low frequencies have long wavelengths; high frequencies have short wavelengths.


A unit of magnetic flux.


Referring to a measurement made through a filter with a certain specific frequency response. An A-weighted measurement is taken through a filter that simulates the frequency response of the human ear.


A music track or sound with good low-frequency response below 50 Hz. It suggests an object of great mass or power, such as a jet or thunder.

White noise

A mixture of all frequencies between 18Hz and 22kHz at even amplitudes.


Also known as a pop filter, a screen placed between a microphone and a vocalist that attenuates or filters out pop or wind disturbances before they strike the microphone diaphragm. Usually windscreens are made of silk or open-cell plastic.


Practicing an instrument for the purpose of significant improvements in technique, style, or speed.


A low frequency loudspeaker.


A sound with weak high frequencies, almost sounding like a speaker with wool blanket over it. For drum tracks, an emphasis around 225 to 600 Hz contributes to a wooly sound.


An undesirable, slow periodic variation in tape speed.

XLR-type connector

The part number of an ITT Cannon device which has become the popular definition for a three-pin professional audio connector.

X-Y pair

Also known as coincident pair, a method of stereo recording using a stereo microphone, or two separate microphones, placed so that the microphone diaphragms occupy approximately the same point in space. Normally, the microphones are angled apart and mounted one directly above the other.


A cable that connects two cables in parallel in order to feed one signal to two separate inputs.

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