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pix Guitar Nine Glossary of Terms [I-J-K] pix
pix pix by Dan McAvinchey  

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Idler wheel

Also known as a 'Pinch roller', in a tape recorder transport, the rubber wheel that traps the tape between itself and the capstan, so that the capstan can move the tape forward.


An acronym for International MIDI Association. A member-supported MIDI information network.


The illusory sound field located between two stereo speakers.


The complex sum of resistance and reactance. The opposition or resistance of a circuit to the flow of alternating current.


The connection going into an audio device or computer. In a mixing board, a connector for a microphone or other signal source.

Input module

In a mixing board, the group of controls affecting a single input signal, possibly including a fader, equalizer, trim, effect sends, cue send, solo, and bus assignment controls.

Input section

Refers to all of the input modules of a mixing board.


An abbreviation for Input/Output for data flow.


An acronym for International Standards Organization. An international organization that controls data communications standards, as well as a number of other standards.


A receptacle-type connector for audio signals into which a plug or other input is inserted. The plug is the 'male' connector and the jack is the 'female' connector.

Jam sync

The ability of a sync box to continue to read SMPTE time code even when the time code on the tape is corrupted.

Keyboard controller

A keyboard instrument that transmits MIDI data, but has no onboard sounds.

Keyboard workstation

A keyboard that typically includes an internal sequencer, effects processor, and multitimbral sound module.


A unit of measurement prefix meaning one thousand, and commonly abbreviated 'k'. A kilogram is a weight of one thousand grams and 1 kilohertz (1 kHz) is a frequency of one thousand hertz.

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