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Frank Gambale


The Story
"Live!" features some long instrumental guitar tracks by super Aussie guitarist Frank Gambale, recorded live at the Baked Potato on Sunday, August 21, 1988. Gambale recorded this album immediately after a long tour with Chick Corea and the Elektric Band and his chops were flying. Definitely need to strap in with a seat belt while listening to this one. It features Kei Akagi on keyboards, Steve Tavaglione on sax and electronic wing, Joe Heredia on drums, and Steve Kershisnik on bass guitar. "Live!" showcases Gambale's talent on recordings which are unabashed, unabridged total blasting with no concern for commerciality or airplay. As it should be.

The Music
13:10 Credit Reference Blues Instrumental
09:56 Fe Fi Fo Funk Instrumental
08:24 Spending Sunday With You Instrumental
16:10 A Touch Of Brazil Instrumental
06:21 Spike's Song Instrumental
10:00 The Natives Are Restless Instrumental

The Artists
Frank Gambale  -  Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Production, Mixing
Kei Akagi  -  Keyboards
Steve Tavaglione  -  Electronic Wind Instrument, Saxes
Steve Kershisnik  -  Bass
Joe Heredia  -  Drums
Stefanie Fox  -  Photography
John Falzarano  -  Engineering
Ray Thompson  -  Engineering
Bob Biles  -  Mixing
Mark Varney  -  Executive Production
Jeff Sanders  -  Mastering

All songs by Frank Gambale.

Recorded live at the Baked Potato on Sunday, August 21, 1988.

Mixed on August 27 and 28, 1988 at Silverlake Sound Studios, LA.

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