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Jens Johansson


The Story
Jens Johansson follows up the highly touted "Heavy Machinery" album with "Fission", a fusion classic that joins Johansson with brother Anders and guitar legends Shawn Lane and Mike Stern (Miles Davis). These incredible progressive songs feature some of the wildest solos in fusion history. Lane guests on "Hooded Strangers", while Stern lays it out on "Phase Camoflage" and the highly charged "Race Condition". The two guitarists cut heads on "Acrostic Shibboleth", while Johansson blankets the remainder of "Fission" with his trademark, guitar-like Polysix solos and organ beds.

The Music
10:41 Hooded Strangers Instrumental
06:48 Phase Camouflage Instrumental
03:36 Zero Sum Game Instrumental
08:12 Acrostic Shibboleth Instrumental
10:48 Don't Mention The War Instrumental
07:32 Race Condition Instrumental
06:14 Crowd Tectonics Instrumental
03:58 Nystagmus Instrumental
10:46 Beautiful Lung Dogs Instrumental

The Artists
Shawn Lane  -  Guitar
Mike Stern  -  Guitar
Jens Johansson  -  Keyboards, Production
Anders Johansson  -  Drum Kit, Percussion
Julian Baker  -  Overdub Engineering
Werner Kracht  -  Overdub Engineering
Peter Nilsson  -  Overdub Engineering
Scud Noonan  -  Overdub Engineering
Krister Olsson  -  Mastering
Dave Stephens  -  Cover Design

Basic tracks for 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 recorded at Moon Path Alpha, Malmo, Sweden. Basic tracks for 7 and 8 recorded at Starec Grammophone, Vaxjo, Sweden.

Overdubs recorded at Moon Path A, East Side Recorders, NYC, Big Noise Studios, NYC and the Heptagon Remote.

Mastered at Stage Tech, Malmo, Sweden.

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