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Steve Vai

"Fire Garden"

The Story
"Fire Garden", the 1996 release from virtuoso Steve Vai, contains about half instrumental songs (Phase 1) and half vocal tunes (Phase 2), hooked together by some computer-altered vocal chatter, essentially a double CD packed into one disc. As Vai states, "Being as dense as it is, this CD may best be experienced by devouring it in pieces, but those with a strong constitution may dare to consume it whole as it is." Regardless, "Fire Garden" contains examples of some of Steve's heaviest music to date, and shows ample evidence that he will continue to grow and stretch musically in the future.

The Music
05:26 There's A Fire In The House Instrumental
04:51 The Crying Machine Instrumental
04:29 Dyin' Day Instrumental
00:37 Whookam Instrumental
04:03 Blowfish Instrumental
01:01 The Mysterious Murder Of Christian... Instrumental
05:27 Hand On Heart Instrumental
02:47 Bangkok Instrumental
09:59 Fire Garden Suite Instrumental
00:48 Deepness Vocal
06:12 Little Alligator Vocal
04:28 All About Eve Vocal
04:45 Aching Hunger Vocal
05:04 Brother Vocal
04:31 Damn You Vocal
01:20 When I Was A Little Boy Instrumental
04:10 Genocide Vocal
04:06 Warm Regards Instrumental

The Artists
Steve Vai  -  Guitars, Background Vocals, Bass, Everything Else, Production, Arrangement, Engineering
Chris Frazier  -  Drums
Gregg Bissonette  -  Drums
John Avila  -  Bass
Devin Townsend  -  Vocals, Background Vocals
Deen Castronovo  -  Drums
Mike Mangini  -  Drums
C.C. White  -  Background Vocals
Tracee Lewis  -  Background Vocals
Miroslava Mendoza Escriba  -  Background Vocals
Kimberly Evans  -  Background Vocals
Robin DiMaggio  -  Drums
Fabrizio Gossi  -  Bass
Will Riley  -  Keyboards
John (Gash) Sombrotto  -  Background Vocals
Mark McCrite  -  Background Vocals
Jim Altman  -  Background Vocals
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Marcelo Gomes  -  Engineering Assistance
Sergio Buss  -  Engineering Assistance
T.J. Helmerich  -  Engineering Assistance
David Coleman  -  Art Direction
Rocky Schenk  -  Photography
Rob Clayton  -  Illustrations
Pam Dancy  -  Production Assistance
Ruta Sepetys  -  Management
Gerald F. Rosenblatt  -  Legal Things
Margaret Rosley-Gelfand  -  Accouting Things
Hugo Zuccarelli  -  Holophonics

All music written by Steve Vai.

Recorded at the Mothership.

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