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Richie Kotzen

"Electric Joy"

The Story
"Electric Joy" was Richie Kotzen's third album for Shrapnel Records and documents his incredible growth as a musician. The album delivered a collection of original instrumental compositions rich in tasteful melodies and contemporary guitar techniques, that further cemented hs position in the music world as a guitarist's guitarist. For the first time, Kotzen was in the studio producing himself with complete creative control. Since he was preparing a vocal record for Interscope around the same time, he chose to make this an all instrumental record. Kotzen's favorite songs from "Electric Joy" are "Slow Blues" and "Electric Toy".

The Music
04:12 B Funk Instrumental
04:58 Electric Toy Instrumental
04:59 Shufina Instrumental
04:42 Acid Lips Instrumental
04:18 Slow Blues Instrumental
05:38 High Wire Instrumental
04:08 Dr. Glee Instrumental
03:32 Hot Rails Instrumental
05:13 The Deece Song Instrumental

The Artists
Richie Kotzen  -  Guitar, Bass, Chyping Chimes, Production, Arrangement, Engineering, Mixing
Atma Anur  -  Drums, Percussion
Mooka Rennick  -  Engineering, Mixing
Shawn Morris  -  Engineering
Tom Coyne  -  Mastering
Pat Johnson  -  Photography

Recorded at Richie`s House and Prarie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA. This material was originally recorded on 1/4 inch 8 track and later transferred to 24 track for all drum overdubs and mix.

Mastered at DMS.

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