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Tony MacAlpine

"Edge Of Insanity"

The Story
"Edge Of Insanity" is the incredible neo-classical fusion album recorded with renowned bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Steve Smith who combined with MacAlpine for one of the hottest power trios of all time. Let's not forget the unforgettable unaccompanied live guitar solo, "Quarter To Midnight." "Edge Of Insanity" is a candidate for the most intense guitar oriented album ever recorded. MacAlpine's debut is a must-have recording for any serious collector of instrumental heavy rock.

The Music
03:43 Wheel Of Fortune Instrumental
03:57 The Stranger Instrumental
02:24 Quarter To Midnight (Live Solo) Instrumental
04:28 Agrionia Instrumental
00:56 Prelude - Empire In The Sky Instrumental
04:56 Empire In The Sky Instrumental
03:32 The Witch And The Priest Instrumental
03:21 The Taker Instrumental
01:20 Chopin, Prelude 16, Opus 28 Instrumental
04:17 Edge Of Insanity Instrumental
04:11 The Raven Instrumental
04:11 No Place In Time Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  Guitars, Bass
Billy Sheehan  -  Bass
Steve Smith  -  Drums
Mike Varney  -  Production
Stephen M. Fontano  -  Engineering
Pat Johnson  -  Photography
Guy Aitchison  -  Cover Illustration
Mike Mani  -  Keyboard Programming
George Horn  -  Mastering

Recorded at Prarie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.

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