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Joe Satriani

"Dreaming #11"

The Story
"Dreaming #11", an EP-length CD, gives a taste of Satriani musicmanship with one studio track and three songs recorded live at the California Theater, San Diego, on June 11, 1988. "Dreaming #11" best track is the live version of "Ice Nine", followed closely by the eight minutes plus version of "Memories", off Satriani's "Not Of This Earth" album.

The Music
04:20 The Crush Of Love Instrumental
03:58 Ice Nine Instrumental
08:46 Memories Instrumental
05:08 Hordes Of Locusts Instrumental

The Artists
Joe Satriani  -  Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Production, Arrangement, Remixing
Stuart Hamm  -  Bass
Jonathan Mover  -  Drums
Jeff Campitelli  -  Drums on "The Crush Of Love"
Bongo Bob Smith  -  Percussion on "The Crush Of Love", Sound Replacement
John Cuniberti  -  Production, Engineering, Remixing
David Plank  -  Engineering Assistance
David Bianco  -  Engineering
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
David Bett  -  Art Direction
Patricia Lie  -  Design, Artwork
Donnie Hunt  -  Joe`s Jacket Design
Robert Hakalski  -  Cover Photography
Ken Regan  -  Photography

"The Crush Of Love" recorded and mixed at Alpha & Omega Recording, San Francisco, CA.

Live tracks recorded at the California Theater, San Diego, CA, on June 11, 1988 with Record Plant Remote. Remixed at Alpha and Omega Recording.

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