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Vinnie Moore

"Defying Gravity"

The Story
Vinnie Moore's "Defying Gravity" is a stunning instrumental barrage of outstanding musicianship and is rooted deeply in the progressive neo-classical style that generated a legion of loyal fans. Joined by former Journey drummer Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information), bassist Dave LaRue (The Dregs) and keyboardist David Rosenthal (Rainbow). Moore reconnects with the music that established him as a guitar virtuoso.

The Music
05:03 Defying Gravity Instrumental
06:42 Out And Beyond Instrumental
04:24 Last Road Home Instrumental
05:04 Alexander The Great Instrumental
02:09 The Voice Within Instrumental
04:48 If I Could Instrumental
05:22 House With A Thousand Rooms Instrumental
06:21 Awaken The Madman Instrumental
05:28 In The Blink Of An Eye Instrumental
03:48 Equinox Instrumental
05:04 Emotion Overload Instrumental
01:36 Between Then And Now Instrumental

The Artists
Vinnie Moore  -  Guitar, Production, Mixing
Dave LaRue  -  Bass
Steve Smith  -  Drums
David Rosenthal  -  Keyboards
Bob Biles  -  Basic Tracks Engineering
Paul Orofino  -  Mixing
R.B. Hunter  -  Mixing on "Out And Beyond"
Christopher Ash  -  Mastering
Steve Jennings  -  Photography
Dave Stephens  -  CD Graphic Design

All guitars recorded at Vinman`s Studio.

Basic Tracks recorded at Neverland Studio, Marin County, CA.

Mixed at Millbrook Sound Studios, Millbrook, N.Y. in April, 2001 except for "Out And Beyond" which was mixed at Tune Room Studios in Wilmington, DE.

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