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album cover
Frank Gambale

"Coming To Your Senses"

The Story
Steve Vai's new record label, Favored Nations, is proud to feature their debut release from guitarist Frank Gambale, "Coming To Your Senses". Monster guitarist Frank Gambale is back blending his unique sweep picking technique with powerful jazz rock melodies that showcases his legendary talent. Winner of several Guitar Player magazine Reader Poll awards, Gambale's "Coming To Your Senses" is the must have album from jazz fusion's greatest guitarist. The music is powerful, captivating, and energetic. Gambale has blurred the lines between jazz, fusion, and rock guitar and has found a welcome home in each genre.

The Music
06:53 Up In Beachwood Instrumental
05:41 Circular Quay Instrumental
06:39 Major Fascination Instrumental
09:55 Salvador Once More Instrumental
06:05 Cybernaughts Instrumental
04:20 Mirage Mystery Instrumental
04:44 Isola D'Elba Instrumental
08:14 Land Of The Leal Instrumental
05:28 The Italian Job Instrumental
05:16 Loch Ness Monster Instrumental

The Artists
Frank Gambale  -  Electric Guitars, Sound FX, Acoustic Guitar, Sitar Guitar, Arrangements, Production
Ric Fierabracci  -  Bass
Mark Schulman  -  Drums
Hans Zermuellen  -  Keys
Ray Brinker  -  Drums
Joel Taylor  -  Drums
Enzo Todesco  -  Drums
Robert M. Biles  -  Engineering
Joe Gastwirt  -  Mastering
Maryanne Bilham  -  Photography
Jerry Eggers  -  Graphic Design
Ken Blaustein  -  Art Direction

All music written, arranged and produced by Frank Gambale.

Mastered at Oceanview Digital Mastering.

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