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pix Neal's Terrifying Young Guns: 2nd Edition pix
pix pix by Neal Nagaoka  

Page added in June, 2011

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Neal Nagaoka, a guitarist and composer from California, has 28 years of studying and performing experience along with 25 years of teaching guitar students. His most recent CD "Transition" features ten hard rock and metal instrumentals.


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  Welcome back everyone to Neal's Young Guns May edition. I hope you enjoyed the first edition because I sure enjoyed watching these kids play.

There's a few amazing entries this time and it was a tough decision but I decided to choose these 10 kids. I'll keep this short because these videos basically speak for themselves. So... here we go:

The Official Site: shredguitarist.org

Submit your videos here: youtube.com/NealsYoungGuns

1. Andreas Varady from Slovakia: Thanks to my good friend Dale Turner again for this scary entry. Unbelievable 12-year-old!

2. Pipoquinha From Brazil: This one is a 13-year-old kid on bass. This kid is incredible! Thanks again Dale for that entry.

3. Bo Gyung from Korea: My God, she's performing one of my personal favorites, Francisco Tarrega's "Recuerdos De La Alhambra".

4. Jess Lewis from England: Wow... 16-year-old playing Alex Hutchings' "Happy As Larry". Very nicely done!

5. Jungha Jung from Korea: This kid is pretty incredible. Really nice feel on the acoustic, and at such a young age.

6. David from Sweden: 12-year-old playing Racer X's "Technical Difficulties". I've seen some of his earlier videos as well when he was younger. Some scary stuff. Thanks Dale for submitting this.

7. Anna Likhacheva From Russia: This is when she was 9 performing "El Colibri"! She has several other videos, but this one freaked me out because she is performing one of the most difficult pieces for the classical guitar at such a young age.

8. Su from Korea: I have no idea how old she is but she can't be that old. She's got a great funky feel.

9. Yehyun from Korea: 10-year-old performing Maurio Giuliani's "Grand Overture".

10. Jonny Mizzon from the United States: And now for something completely different. 8-year-old Jonny tearing it up on banjo, Earl Scruggs style! This kid is pretty incredible. Thanks again Dale for sending me this scary one.

Hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did.

The Official Site: shredguitarist.org

Submit your videos here: youtube.com/NealsYoungGuns

Here are the rules:
  1. Must be 17 or under for the student. Teachers can be any age of course.
  2. Must be of good quality video.
  3. Must be performed live. (No Overdubs!)
  4. Must be an original solo. (Can be a jazz or classical piece that's within the public domain, but it has to be a unique interpretation) I don't want to hear "Stairway To Heaven" or Metallica solos! (I will accept original backing tracks, soloed over of course).
  5. Only one submission for each student from the parents or teachers a month! If I get bulk, you are disqualified.
  6. Each video submission must have some information in it like name, name and background of the student, who the teacher is and please tell me why this video is so impressive, or what's the point? Right?
  7. No duplicate winners once they have won (but teachers can always submit new students.)
  8. Please no reversed videos! If you play right-handed, I don't want to see someone playing left-handed!
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